Patricia's moving experience

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The Old Lady
Purred: Thu Apr 12, '12 3:19pm PST 
The first two weeks of December were very stressful in bad ways for Patricia. On December 1, she lost Wilbur. Three days later, the movers came to take our stuff to Gainesville, Florida from central Ohio. Then four days after that, we started the 15-hour drive through three states (Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia) and northern Florida. When we finally arrived in Gainesville, first we had to stay in a Marriott suite for three nights as the moving truck would not arrive until December 12. A 15-year old cat who knew only one home her whole life, Patricia was naturally traumatized as I had expected.

In the back of Mom's tiny Honda Fit with the seat down and a litterbox behind her soft-sided carrier, she was too scared to eat or drink. I gave her chances when we made pit stops off the freeway (to fill up the car and myself, of course) but she would not move. I was never surprised. What did surprise me was she never meowed - not even at the beginning. I was expecting her to meow her head off until she got tired. I also was happy she decided to sleep outside her carrier when the door was down.

We slept in Marietta, Georgia. Patricia went under the chair and did not want to come out. When I finally did get her out of there, she went behind the nightstand - and after that under a bed - to hide again. (That room has two double or queen beds.) Seeing her eat or drink there made me smile when she finally did.

At the Marriott suite in Gainesville, Patricia did not seem to be scared anymore, which was surprising. I had expected a repeat of the Marietta hotel experience. It might be the fact that she had a living room seperated from the bedroom with a loveseat and chairs. She never hid anywhere, just took naps in the living room, and I saw no signs of the anxiety she endured on December 8.

After the movers finally arrived, she was scared again and did a great job hiding from us in the new condo. I never found her and wondered if I erred by letting her have run of the condo. Mom saw one ear under the large built-in desk in my new bedroom. After getting her out of there, I needed to fill the space with a blanket to make her hide somewhere else. The "somewhere else" was her carrier, which I keep in my walk-in closet. Then 2 days later, she started hiding under my bed. She still spends most of her time either on my bed or in her new cat bed.

What was your moving experience while driving that far with a cat in the car?