We've seen all of North America in 3 years

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Can I check out- your lap?
Purred: Thu Aug 13, '09 6:21am PST 
Me and my sister are home from travelling in our Motor Home. We've had our humans drive us through almost every US state from Alaska to California to Florida and back. They wrote about most of their travels at http://home.cogeco.ca/~ontheroad

Every time when they started the motor, I ran for the bed, up under the covers and there I slept all day. Mind you, when they stopped they would kick me out for a pee and a bite to eat.

My sister sat up front on her own chair between them or sat on the dash watching and making sure they didn't make a wrong turn. She's so brave.

When we arrived somewhere, both my sister and myself ran for the dining room table and waited for the window to be opened. The first thing they did when arriving at a new place was hang our Kitty Kat Kabana on that window. Then they opened the window and out we went to check on the new neighbours.

We are strictly ind00r cats, and our humans want to make sure we don't come in contact with other animals or fleas or anything else on the ground, so they got us our own Kabana and we can go outside whenever we want (six feet off the ground). When they sit outside, they are right there below us which means we are all together outside.