Moving from WA to TX with 2 cats

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Domestic with- Feral Tendencies
Purred: Tue Jun 16, '09 11:28pm PST 
Comfort Zone/Feliway had no effect on me when my human mom brought me indoors in January.

Side note: I am rather kind to her, but I'm basically feral to all others.

My 'girlfriend' Martha will probably do fine with the road trip, since she originally came from the south (rescued from Hurricane Katrina)

Me, on the other hand...my human mom worries. I stress out over a trip to the vet (which we currently live right behind), and end up having a panting attack!

My human mom asked the front desk of the clinic if they had anything that would help me during the road trip, but perhaps the lady's brain was sleeping, because she told my mom that they had nothing that would help out over a 3-day period.

Anyways, where are all the other ''minimally domesticated'' felines who had to endure a long road trip? What helped you?

Would making a cover for the carrier help? My mom bought a large collapsible kennel but now she thinks there is just too much risk of me getting lost with the switch from kennel to carrier at night when we stop at hotels.

I do spook easily, and I am not easy to catch when I don't want to be...so I understand her concerns.

I am a fear-poo'er so if I am kept in my kitty carrier, she'll probably put down potty pads or something easily disposable vs. blankets that'll need to be washed or tossed out.

My mom bought something called "Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease natural calming spray for cats". Anyone use that?

I see a lot of talk about Rescue Remedy on here...where does a human get that from? My mom did not see it at Petco.

Anyways, advice please!

For now, I am going to snuggle up with my mom while she stares at this thing she calls a ''book''. She claims she's reading...whatever that means.


Lil' Miss- Princess
Purred: Fri Jun 26, '09 7:19pm PST 
My dad is in the Navy so my brother and I have had to move a couple times. We had a car ride from Ohio to North Carolina after my mom got married to my dad. Then we moved from North Carolina to Texas. That car ride we rode with mom in her car and our doggy sister rode with dad his truck. I managed to ride on the dashboard so I knew where I was going. Brother Maverick on the other hand was annoying. He cried half way through the trip, and whenever mom rolled down the window to get some fresh air, he'd wine again. Then after living in Texas for a while, my parents got orders to Guam. So we had to drive from Texas to Ohio so that us cats could stay with grandma just until our vaccines and papers were ready to go. Now were just waiting a long plane ride to Guam, which Im kind of scared about.

But all the times that we've gone for a long car ride, mom doesnt out us in our carriers. She lets us rome around the car and do whatever we want. I personally like to sit on mom or dads lap when there driving just so I feel like I have some control. Maverick usually just lays in the back. He doesnt do as well with rides as I do, but eventually he gets tired of screaming at my parents, he goes to sleep.

Panda- (formerly- Miranda)

That's Mrs.- Gysmo to you....
Purred: Sat Jun 27, '09 6:26pm PST 
Aww....I know how just how you feel. I have poopie accidents in the car, toored face Mysister Zoe, she just cries and cries.

About the Feliway - what kind did you use? I hear the spray is a lot more effective than the plug-in, not sur eabout the wipes.
Mommy sprayed down every inch if the carrier with Feliway. I don't know why, but the human has to wait TWENTY MINUTES for it to kick in before putting us in the carrier. But really, it worked great! No crying, no pooping.

Good thing, 'cause we have an interstate move coming up next week.


The Tullster
Purred: Sat Jun 27, '09 7:53pm PST 
Our situation is a little bit different than traveling in a car, in that we travel by RV, but many of the principles are the same. We were a bit nervous at first, so Mom took some precautions with us.

Definitely keep the kitties confined to a carrier while in a moving vehicle. We heard some terrible tales about kitties being injured or escaping from vehicles while traveling, so we really recommend that you stay in a carrier. Mom bought us a doggie kennel that is big enough for 2 large cats, a blankie, some toys, and a small litterbox. She sprays Feliway on the blankie 15 minutes before we leave, then puts us in the carrier. She also bought some Rescue Remedy but hasn't had to use it yet, because the Feliway seems to do the trick. We get nervous for the first 10-20 minutes of the ride, then we sort of settle down and nap/doze for the rest of the trip. Mom tranfers us from kennel to cat carrier if she is taking us outside the RV. We also take a stroller with us, which is another good way to transport kitties. Some strollers have detachable carriers which make it easy to move the cats from inside the car to outside without transferring them from one carrier to another.

The other thing our Mom did with us was to take us on short car trips just to get us used to being in a moving vehicle. When kitties associate going in cars with going to the v-e-t, no wonder they get scared! Now that we've done several trips, and we know it doesn't necessarily involve a trip to the vet, we don't mind it as much.

Best of luck to you and happy travels