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Purred: Mon Apr 27, '09 9:09am PST 
I checked some airlines and most of them allow dogs in carriers with you. Some were picky about cats. Usually the carrier can not be any bigger than normal carry on size, and putting a litter box in their might be pushing limits.
Check with whatever air company you are flying with, as too their regulations. I too would be worried about being in storage.
Maybe you can talk to them about how you feel.
A friend of mine was moving over seas with a bigger (35pounds) dog and the flight company wanted to keep him in storage. Him and his wife offered to buy a third seat if they could keep the dog with them...and the air company agreed!!!


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Thank you all so much for the help! My Mommy is beginning to feel much more comfortable about moving.


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if you are flying overseas, you will have to be quarantined at destination. If you're flying, you need to book the flight as early as you possibly can, as some airlines have regulations that only allows one or two pets tops to fly in the cabin, and you can only obtain space as a first come first serve, so the earlier you book, the more likely your meowmy could get the date she wants as your departure.

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If you are flying overseas the way you fly depends on the regulations of the country you are flying into. Many countries only allow pets to come in as "cargo". It you need to go into quarantine also depends on the country - and this may be different for cats and dogs. You need to get in contact with the embassy of the country you are going to as soon as possible to find out what you need. There may be a website with that information but the embassy would be able to tell you where to go. Some countries require additional vaccinations/tests/health certificates/permits from their veterinary offices etc. For places like Australia you need to start planning about 6 months before you want to go. For other countries it can be much easier.

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Wow thanks so much for this thread. Mom has decided it is time for her to go home (Denver CO) we currently live in San Diego. Mom is planning on driving us but we will be the last things moved. 1st she will take the Uhaul with all of the stuff & then rent a car to drive back where she will pick up her truck & us.
None of us (4 kitties) have ever moved, 2 of us have never been in a hotel & one of us HATES car rides. The idea of taking us for 1 hour car rides is a great idea! In fact that may be a good idea if you live in a place where you may need to be evacuated sometime for wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes etc.
The one time that 2 of us stayed in a hotel was because they were tenting our building for termites. Mom kinda did a combination of the ideas already given. She found a hotel that allowed pets but didn't tell them she had pets. If they would have questioned her she would have just paid the extra whatever (which we really didn't have but could have come up with if we HAD to).
Thanks again for starting this thread!

Also I don't know if you know Morgan the Pirate Gato or not, but his mom has helped arrange transport a couple of times for cats on international flights. Once from Puerto Rico to Wisconsin & once from Puerto Rico to Canada. If you don't know him but would like to talk to him please pmail me & I'll put you in touch.

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These are great tips! We have had to move several times, in fact, I moved from TX to IN in the middle of the summer. Mom took extra steps to make sure my sister and I stayed safe during the trip. We both were strapped in to where we were facing each other which seemed to help keep us calmer. If we were stopping for eating or rest break, mom made sure someone was with the car with the doors open to ensure we would not be too hot (we were in our carriers, so no fear of us running loose). On the longest stretch, mom had a harness and leash and she let us out at a rest stop for a few minutes so we could stretch, but we just laid there MOL

Mom set us up at the hotel with a small litterbox and food and water. Oh, and she bought a Renuzit just in case one of us had an accident... neither one of us did though smile


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We stayed at hotel chains this time around, and all three places we overnighted at (two different major hotel chains) were very nice about pets, and were so very glad we told them in advance. In contrast, some of the pet friendly hotels mom and dad have spotted in the past have reversed their policies. It pays to call everyone up, and always tell them exactly who will be staying.

One hotel did not even charge an extra fee for us! But the concierge said that it was because they had a dedicated hall for pet owners and their pets, so they charge no extras for those rooms, but if you book a room without telling them you have a pet and they put you somewhere else, when they later find telltale signs of a pet, they sadly have to charge extra damage fees, because that room has to be treated for dander and put out of service for the duration. So it pays to be honest, definitely.

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