How can I help the stres from moving

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Purred: Mon Apr 6, '09 2:44pm PST 
Hi everyone, Daisy's mom here. Daisy just moved in yesterday to a new home. I'm really worried about her because she's displaying some odd behavior. Like today, the cable man came and she got so scared that she hid in her litter box (she's never done this before). Also when she hears the neighbors coming, she starts freaking out and wants to find places to hide. This is weird behavior from her because we lived in an apartment building before and she never freaked out when she heard neighbors. But the thing that worries me the most is she has not used her litter box in 24 hours. Granted she has not eaten much except for a few bites. I've tried to make her as comfortable as possible and let her explore at her own pace. I even bought the Feliway diffuser and plugged it into walls. Do I need to just give her time or is there anything I can do to help? All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Purred: Thu Apr 9, '09 9:22pm PST 
I would suggest to put your kitty in one room for now (like your bedroom) and bring all her things in there, like water, food, and even litter in a corner far away from the food. Also put her blanket on your bed so she can get comfortable to sleep there. She might need time to get used to the new place and new people. So first you have to let her get used to one room. then when she's feeling more brave, she may even scratch at the door to be let out to the rest of the house and explore. She is hiding to feel safe for now. Hope that helps! let me know how it goes..

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Purred: Fri Apr 10, '09 10:50pm PST 
Cinders has a good approach. When my mommy moved me to a new home she kept me in one room for a little more than a week before she let me out to explore the house. I was slowly introduced to new things instead of everything at once. That being said, I was still very scared of all the sounds and curiosity of what was going on outside the door. I actually did not use my litterbox for a WEEK. Finally my mommy put me in the litterbox, held me there, and pushed my butt down into a squat position until I finally let it go. It will just take time, but I know Daisy will learn to love the new home very soon smile