plane travel to dubai! help!

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Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 12:25am PST 
hii im getting my first kitten in about a week or two and super excited about it. However, im from dubai but living in maryland for now but i go back about twice a year. if i dont find anyone to take care of him for the month im gone this summer i want to take him back with me however the flight is 14 hrs! it wont be direct though ill be stopping in london for a good couple of hours so ill be able to feed him and have a litter box with me. is that safe though? for a kitten to travel 7 hours on each flight even if i feed him throughout? or should i sedate him for atleast one of the flights so by the time i reach london he wont be so agitated. Any ideas? please help!

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Here are some good articles about bringing pets to Dubai:

PetDubai.com: Pet Rules

KhaleejiTimes.com: Pets’ import only under new rules

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This website might help you find a reliable petsitter. ..
Purrsonally I would choose one that is bonded and insured!

Best of Luck!!!!


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Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 4:51pm PST 
awesome thank you