Thanksgiving at Grandma's?

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Angel Sandy

Always an Angel
Purred: Fri Nov 14, '08 12:21pm PST 
My Mistress is going to her Mom's house for Thanksgiving. Grandma (her mom) has invited BOTH me and Squeakers to her house also. Squeakers has been to her house before, and she likes running up and down the stairs, but lately at night, she sits downstairs, looks out the window and meows! Mistress thinks it's cuz she has a cataract and possibly can't see as well as she used to.
Mistress is also afraid that I will be so scared that I will scream all the way there and back (it's only a 15 minute ride) and that when I get there, I will be so scared that I will hide somewhere in the big townhouse, and she will have a hard time finding me. She says that maybe she can put me and Squeakers up in the guest bedroom until we both get used to the house, but she will also have to leave a litterbox and food and water up there, and we will be seperated from the humans.
Now, you probably think it's obvious, to leave us at home, but Mistress doesn't know if her friend will be home to feed us, plus we will miss her and she will miss us. It will be for about 2 days.
Grandma tells Mistress it's up to her.
What do you think?

Emma Barrett

It\'s good to be- the Queen
Purred: Fri Nov 14, '08 2:08pm PST 
If your Grandma has a guest room where you all could stay and be safe, we think it would be a good idea. If there will be other people coming to the house for Thanksgiving dinner, we would also suggest you both be kept in the guest room with the door closed, and a sign on it to not open the door. Would not want either of you getting scared and running out of the house. And of course, bring your litter box, some favorite toys and a blanket you both have slept on.....that will make you more comfortable.

Since Grandma said you were invited, and she has the room we say go and enjoy the holiday with your Mistress and Grandma. That way you would also have a chance at some turkey (YUM...YUM).....and not be alone over the holiday.

Let us know how it goes, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Emma Barrett, Louis Armstrong, Benny Grunch, Pete Fountain and Charmaine Neville

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Fri Nov 14, '08 3:03pm PST 
Two days isn't really that long for kitties to be left alone. As long as there is plenty of food and water available, you should be fine. I don't really see any advantage to subjecting you to the stress of the car and being in a strange place .

If it's only 15 minutes away, is there any chance that your grandma or someone could bring your mom back once or twice to check on you herself?


keep black- kitties in on- halloween!
Purred: Sat Nov 15, '08 5:44am PST 
we say go for it!!!! anything can happen if they are left alone. if there is a room they can stay in it should be worth it.

Angel Sandy

Always an Angel
Purred: Sat Nov 15, '08 6:02pm PST 
You're probably right, Bea. Mistress wants to bring me, but what you want and what's really good for you are sometimes two different things. Now that Mistress isn't working cry maybe I can come with her for Christmas and we can stay for 3-4 days. shrug Still thinking about it though.