Trips to the Vet

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Purred: Mon Oct 6, '08 2:31pm PST 
My brother Socks and I hate trips to the vet. Momma wants to say something.

Momma: They hate trips to the vet. Every time I take them, they meow like crazy. I can't seem to quiet them down. Everyone else's cats seem to be so quiet, and they actually like to travel, but not my cats. They hate it. What should I do to help them to like trips to the vet?

It's true. I hate trips to the vet. I don't like car rides. I usually curl up in the back of the cage and meow like crazy! Momma wants to know what she should do. She is very upset. Please give her some advice!


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Purred: Mon Oct 6, '08 4:12pm PST 
I think this is actually the usual cat response. Me and my sister LuLu rarely talk but get us in the carrier in the car to the vet and we start meowing LOUD and pitiful.

Don't worry too much. You aren't killing them and you know they are safe and sound.

Shai Ming

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Purred: Tue Oct 7, '08 12:14pm PST 
When Momma brought me home from the ASPCA in a taxi (we live in NYC) I didn't shut up the entire time (ok I haven't shut up since then either, but I don't sound pitiful now).

Momma and Daddy got us a stroller so we can go outside, safely, and when Akira and I are riding in it, we say hi to everyone we see, but are quiet for the most part, unless we stop moving. Then we turn our meow's on high and loud. Taking us to the vet in our stroller, well we complain very loudly the whole time we are in the waiting room and most of the other kitties are quiet.

Big Sissy Bailey doesn't make a peep in the house, but take her to the vet, well, Momma wonders how she doesn't get laryngitis.

Momma thinks by taking us out for walks in our stroller, and not involving the Dr Guy will make it so we don't always associate going out in the stroller to going to see Dr G.

Seeing as Sissy doesn't get outside of the house other THAN going to the Dr Guy, she knows if she is outside she's going to get poked and prodded.

We think most kitties complain when they get put in cars, or if they are inside only kitties, getting taken outside.

You can tell your Momma there isn't anything wrong with you, you are just making sure she knows how much you are protesting going to see YOUR Dr.

laugh out loud


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Purred: Tue Oct 7, '08 2:25pm PST 
You should have heard me today! I scolded Mom the whole way to the vet, in the waiting room, in the vet's office and on the way home. My brother does this in the car, too, but he's quiet in the vet's office.

Mom thinks it's normal. She doesn't like that it upsets us so much, but she knows it's necessary.


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Purred: Thu Oct 9, '08 4:05am PST 
BeBe LOVES car rides. But I got him when I was...19yrs old and I thought it was "cute" to take my kitten n the car to go to the store down the street. Only to get a pop from the pop machine. He didn't like it at first, but again he was a kitten. Now he'll sit leashed to the seatbelt, no problem. sometimes he'll crawl up in te back window and sun bathe until we get to our destination. shrug

The other two, forget it. Purg HATES car ridses. He screams and tries clawing people by sticking his paws out.

Nasty, he's okay as long as he can't see anything. It helps calm Purg down a bit to cover the carrier with a towel, but not much.

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Purred: Fri Oct 10, '08 7:44pm PST 
Both my cats hate car rides. Athena crunches inside her carrier and Apollo meows during the entire ride.

I found that the more I talk to them and try to sooth them, the more they cry, so I don't talk to them, but turn on soothing music.

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I Travel on planes, taxis and cable cars!
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I'll teach ya all how to travel - it's meowvaous when ya do it right!

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Purred: Tue Jan 6, '09 6:38pm PST 
Hmm. I'm not sure, but have you tried putting a soft blanket or towel on the bottom of their carrier? Or maybe a favourite toy? Maybe face the two cats (if the meowing happens when they're both there) in opposite directions. I've noticed that with both cats in the car, they're more vocal, but when I had to take Osiris to the vet separately, he was quiet.

In any case, good luck with your trips to the vet. smile


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Purred: Thu Jan 8, '09 4:19pm PST 
Mine are show cats, they travel up to 7 hrs to shows, and they sleep the
whole way. I also started them as kittens, but this should work for an
adult cat too, this is what I do. big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

I feed them in their carriers, and only in their carriers, that way the
carrier is associated with something good. Socks and Oliver prob get upset
because the only time they go in their carriers, is to the vets. I don't blame
them, mol, I hate going to the doctors too.

I also put in there 2 soft clean towels, their toys, and a couple of soft
squishy teddy bears, about their size. And the carrier is a good size one,
large enough for them to comfortably lay down, stretch out, stand up,
turn around.

Hope this helps, be glad to ans any questions or give ya more information.

big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin


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Purred: Sat Jan 10, '09 4:44am PST 
I live in Tokyo and get around my neighborhood by bicycle. I alternate among three vets who have clinics nearby, and just stuff the cat carrier in the back basket of my bicycle, MOL. No one ever complains much, but sometimes Spike wets himself (maybe because I swoop down on him and take him to the vet before he has a chance to go to the bathroom first).

My show cats also travel on subways, trains, and buses, and never say a word. That could have to do with the fact that they are Maine Coons, or with the fact that they are just not very vocal cats.