US to Qatar - Near Saudi Arabia

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The- Chemists's- Assistant-
Purred: Wed Jun 25, '08 1:21pm PST 
Mommy is very concerned because we are moving overseas. We have to fly and we have never flown before. Our longest trip was 4-5 hours. This trip is going to be car travel 30-45 min, and plane travel approx. 24 hours with stops. What is the best thing for her to do to help us? (We will be sedated.) We are 10 yr old sisters. Sunrise and Rainbow


The- Chemists's- Assistant-
Purred: Wed Jun 25, '08 1:35pm PST 
We are moving out of the Country!!!!! (Don't worry we will still be on Catster. Does anycat have any suggestions on plane travel? (We will be sedated) We will start the journey going to Miami from Albany. Aprx. 10-12 hrs. We will stay for about a week and then Fly to Qatar with multiple stops. Aprx. 24 hrs.
Qatar is a peninsula off of Saudi Arabia and is 100-140 degrees. We will not be allowed outside.
So anycat got advice? Cat carriers? Can mewmy hold us mid-flight? (She wants to.)
This is a big step for the whole family and mewmy is very nervous. Pls purray for us.
Love Sunrise and Rainbow


August 2002-May- 2010. I AM- MISSED!
Purred: Wed Jun 25, '08 2:04pm PST 
I would take them on the plane with me. To many transfers to be safe. Also, microchip them. Put something that reminds them of safety in there carriers. Examples: favorite toy, blanket that smells of home, etc... I might also put a harness on them. However, cats can sometimes get out of harnesses so don't count on them to keep them safe!

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Wed Jun 25, '08 3:53pm PST 
Qatar does not require quarantine for pets if you can provide proof of rabies vaccinations. So, legally you can enter Qatar with your pets traveling with you in the cabin instead of as cargo.

You will also need an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture.

You'll need to check with your airline, though, to find out what their policies are, or if the laws of any countries you will be stopping in may affect how pets can be transported.

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The- Chemists's- Assistant-
Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 3:55pm PST 
Thanks so much for the info.

Lucy Nooner

Purred: Thu Jun 26, '08 5:40pm PST 
Hi Sunrise!

Wow, that's quite a journey you will be taking! My sister Sally flew from Arizona to Iowa once and then flew back with mom. It was a much shorter trip than yours and they only had to change planes once each way (4 planes total).

A couple of things- they made mom take Sally out of the carrier to go through the metal detector. It was a little scary- mom was afraid that Sally might try to bolt out of her arms and get lost in the airport (didn't happen- mom's just a worrier). So if you can bring a harness or something just in case you have to do that too- it will probably be less stressful if you are prepared.

Also, mom kept Sally in the carrier the whole time on the plane- again, she didn't want Sally to get scared and bolt out of her arms. Sally was safer in the carrier. But- once the plane was in the air, mom held the carrier on her lap most of the trip. That helped mom and Sally feel better- they could see each other!

Good luck on your trip- it sounds like your mom is very thoughtful and is thinking about how to make it the best possible trip for you!

Take care,


The- Chemists's- Assistant-
Purred: Fri Jun 27, '08 1:26pm PST 
Thank you so much Lucy. What very helpful information.


Where's the- beef? ...or- chicken, or tuna
Purred: Sun Jun 29, '08 10:50pm PST 
Liberty and Lucy...what great info and advice!


♥Flet- cher♥

Purred: Mon Jun 30, '08 9:58pm PST 
Check with your airline because some of them are starting to prohibit pets in the passenger cabin. That means you might end up in cargo!


The- Chemists's- Assistant-
Purred: Tue Jul 1, '08 8:07am PST 
Dad's new boss is supposedly figuring it out for us.
Big Question:
Sedated or not?

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