Car vs. Plane

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Where's Dinner?
Purred: Sun Jun 22, '08 7:46am PST 
We're moving this fall from Boston to Seattle with our 3yr old dog & 2 yr old cat. We're going to drive with theog in our Element, stopping at hotels on our way. I can't decide if one of us should fly with the cat & board her (either before or after our trip) or if we should take her with us. I'm more concerened about what will be less stressful to her than what's less expensive for us. She's a typical cat who's not wild about driving in the car but she's never flown, though I'd imagine that wouldn't be fun either.


Bonnie the- Beautiful &- Bonnie Lass
Purred: Sun Jun 22, '08 5:10pm PST 
aww that sounds like a fun trip! MOL

Just traveled with 4 cats behind a gate guard in the SUV for 5 very long days - most of the cats did just great (we have special Sandia who is a wonderful traveler thank god). After the first hour when they know this isn't a "trip to the vet" type car adventure, everyone quiets down and goes into what I call "zombie" mode - mostly just laying flat, pretending or really sleeping and now and then getting into the litter box.

I've also flown with 2 cats and I don't know what they would say other than they were paniciked, I thought one was going to have a heart attack for sure, and I personally thought they looked MUCH worse for the wear - even worse than dragging them across country for 5 seriously long days in the car smile

I've tried dramamine (ugh, I'd rather clean up their toss-up than watch them slather at the mouth in a stupor!!!)

Motel 8 typically has a 1 "nice" pet policy though they do say do not leave them in the room if you leave the room - this is for dog barking crazy when their owners go out for dinner?

Do a search as I think there are some very nice suite type hotels that also are "pet" friendly - we stayed at some extended stay type in suites and the bell man even took the cat carriers on the luggage up to our room for us smile

Remember, under the seat is an AWFUL place for a kitty to go hide - it's hot and with all those wires, a bad place for a human to try to get a cat OUT from under MOL We used to stuff pillows under the back end of ours so they can't get under and had the litter box on the floor board - but I'm lucky now to have the pet guard and for my traveling "cat" kingdom SUV.

Good luck happy dance


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Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 1:56pm PST 
I have never tried to fly with a pet, but I can only imagine how terrifying it would seem to them. If it's the only way of course that's what you must do, but I would think that driving would be easier on them. At least you have the option to stop and take a break if kitties are going crazy that you wouldn't have on a plane. Also what is the cabin pressurization like for a cat or dog? I know my ears get very painful and if I can't get them to pop I feel dizzy. Do animals go through that too?