Wire Barrier for Vehicle Travels for Cats/Dogs

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Bonnie the- Beautiful &- Bonnie Lass
Purred: Sun Jun 15, '08 5:43am PST 
4 years ago when we all began traveling put one up in the "cat travel SUV" and meow-mom LOVES it!

We put down the seats in the back of the SUV, set it up behind the front seats and let the Cats be Purrrfectly happy traveling laugh out loud ok not purrfectly happy but....

Anyone have one or looked at them?

Universal Wire Vehicle Barrier from Kennel-Aire PetSmart is where we got ours.

Meow-Mom pads the sides with pillows (so we can't sneak under neath) and puts a pillow in the center (so the "smaller" cats can't get to her while driving MOL) We still get our carriers locked down, and our kitty box in "the grocery stand up spot" applause