Cat tent for hotel?

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My stupid Meowmy wants to keep taking me to cat shows so that I can become a Regional Winner, which means going to every cat show in Japan for an entire year, even those outside of Tokyo--and even that doesn't guarantee that I'll be a Regional Winner. Sigh. Well, the only place we have to go to outside of Tokyo is Osaka, which we have to get to by bullet train (zoom, zoom), but in the show hotels, they have strict rules about keeping your cat in an enclosure. Obviously, a carrying case is cruel for an overnight snooze. We saw another exhibitor whose cat was in a kind of tent, but wonder what other travelers do, and what product they recommend. We live in Japan, and may not be able to get the things you recommend, but they'll give us some ideas. Thanks!

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Meowmy was in K-Mart this morning getting us some food and litter.....and she noticed a "Dog Kennel" that might be what your meowmy is looking for. It is made of soft vinyl, and folds up to carry. Dimensions are 33" wide by 33" deep and 26" high (meowmy thinks that is pretty close. It was the Large Size, price in U.S. dollars was $22.99. The photo on the box showed a Lab in it, so it would certainly be large enough for you to move around in.

If you need more information, just paw mail me. Hope this is of some help.

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Harvey, Me has a " Sturdi Shelter" it folds up into a big bag. Its ded easy to put up an down. Yer as plenty ov room fer a tray, food water an bed.Mine has a Hammock in it. Me dusnt use it in Hotels cos its ok fer us to be loose in de room.Me as it as me Show pen. Yu can see pics in my plus pages. Very light weight too.Lots ov sizes an styles available. Me shows Tica..Lots in Tica use dem. It sounds like yu cud be showin in Tica too.Me is EN region. Hope dis helps yer my friend. Purrs Alfie


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When I first came here , I went through the procedure of being in a room by myself for gradual introduction to the resident kitty, but it went so slow that Meowma got me a collapsible crate thing--it had a german Shepherd on the pack, and it was about $30.00 at Wal Mart. (Look on Walmart.com and they might have it!) It is big enouh to contain a full sized litter box, me, and some toys easily. I had to go in there when I was let out of the spare bedroom for a while, but I always got treats so I got where I would go in by myself and stay in even without the door zipped, so Meowma knows I didn't hate it. The wole thing collapses into a flat circle about a foot wide, so it takes up very little room in the car. Meowma thinks she will use it to take me to visit her Mom soon--she has no kitties but does love us.
ETA-- Meowma does see it on walmart.com, it is http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5192527
or if you don't have Wal Mart and want to see if you can finde it elsewhere., it's called the Sportpet Pop Up Kennel. The only thing is, you do have to put something heavy in if the kitty is active (my litter box with litter in did the trick ) to keep the kitty from tumbling it around the room like a hamster in a ball.

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I don't know how much it would be to ship to Japan, but this site has a lot of cool stuff: SturdiProducts Inc.

They do ship internationally and they have several items for travel and exhibiting.


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Wow! Thanks for the great information, folks! I'm going to ask my cat show friends, too (although I know that some of them have bought products during trips to the States, which isn't an option for me right now). I'd better get working on this soon, because our first out-of-town show is in July.

BooBoo--"The only thing is, you do have to put something heavy in if the kitty is active (my litter box with litter in did the trick ) to keep the kitty from tumbling it around the room like a hamster in a ball."
big laugh big laugh big laugh

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If you're looking for something to use in a hotel room I would recommend buying a soft-sided dog crate or tent. These are really lightweight and fold up very small. There is a really nice tent made by Doggone Good (www.doggonegood.com) but I don't know if you can find those in your area. I have a collapsible mesh "Cabana Crate" made by that company and it is really light, but they only sell the tents now.

Another brand that makes soft-sided crates is Noz-to-Noz.


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Thanks, Alfie and Alaidh, I followed your advice and got a Sturdi Shelter. They cost $300 here (as opposed to under $200 in the States), but I figured what with the exchange rate (not so good for the yen right now) and the shipping charges, it would come out about the same anyway, and it's easier and quicker to order from a Japanese source. I'm not sure it will arrive by my show on Saturday, but a cat world friend is willing to lend me a shelter for this trip. It can be used, not only for hotels, but as a shelter at cat shows, for isolating a cat at home, etc., so will get lots of use. Thanks everyone for your ideas!