Shipping Cat via Continental Airlines

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Abbie- (always in- my heart)

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Purred: Wed May 21, '08 8:24pm PST 
We drove from Atlanta to the Seattle area with two cats and it went surprisingly well. The most important thing is to keep him in his carrier at all times. When you let him out for a potty break (I carried a small litter box with me, which the cats never used in the car), be sure your car doors are closed.

In the hotel room, be sure that you block any places he could hide (like behind the bed) that would be difficult to remove him from. This from personal experience!

Also, if you leave him in the room, remember to keep the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

Bring his medical records with you and make a list of animal emergency hospitals on your route. Also, I would make hotel arrangements beforehand so that you can find places that will accept pets.

Like I said, our six-day trip was highly uneventful. My cat, Sasha, cried for an entire day, but after that, she was quiet. Abbie and Sash both seemed to enjoy the hotel rooms. They even got to see Mt. Rushmore!

Good luck to you - on your move and in your new home.

Puddles- 3/1/93 - 12/28/09

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Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 11:47am PST 
Hello everyfurrbody! My Mommy Kitty ALWAYS takes on in her car or SUV. We are used to travelling. Though we chat quite a bit, but then it is cool to watch the trees fly by as we cruise down the road. Our longest road trip was about 16 hours...and we slept in a neat animal friendly cat motel. Alot of BnB's take animals too! Our final destinations have been Austin, Dallas and Houston...and Florida and Ariz. So, it is not that bad. Trust us! Just keep one cat box in the back. And make sure you wear a leash and collar...if you get out...or ride in your comfortable carrier. Mommy Kitty brings our toys and blankets and a small scratching board....we do just fine. *Worst part, we hide in our carriers if a big 18 wheeler drives past us....SCARY. For the most part, we take lots of catnaps!!!!
BTW, Holiday Inn has always been pet friendly...but do call ahead and check out the bnb's too. laugh out loud Oh, see you here in HOUSTON!!!
We live here now! cheer Cuddles and good luck, Puddles & Family in Houston. Ps. You should see us in the SUV ....MOL, sometimes, 2 Siberian Huskies and 4 kitties. MOL....good thing we are used to traveling.

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