My first flight

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Purred: Wed Mar 26, '08 8:02am PST 
Hi gang my names is Pickles and I am travelling from London to Chicago on the 12th April. I am a reall scardy cat who gets car sick and has suffered from bladder syndrome and get stresssed real quick. I have had the vet confirm that I can fly yet my daddy Richard is extremely worried that something might happen to me on my flight over as he knows how stressed i get. Do you guys think I will be okay - I am not allowed to be sedated either as the vets refuse to do this in the UK. One last thing my Dad has paid a very good company to ensure a vet travels with me in the car to the airport and does a final check on me. My biggest concern is that I will get air sick. Any help with this would be hugely appreciated


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I found this when i did a search for feline air sickness.

" Due to increasing liability and concerns about safety, many airlines will no longer accept pets that travel in cargo. Small carriers that fit under the seat may be allowed, but are usually limited to 1 or 2 pets per flight. CHECK WITH YOUR AIRLINE prior to making travel plans!

Regardless of cargo or cabin travel, it is a good idea to skip a meal before travel to help reduce air sickness and reduce the need for bathroom breaks in flight. Anti-nausea medication like Benadryl is often helpful, and also has a mild sedative effect. More powerful sedatives are generally NOT recommended if the pet is traveling in cargo, as they reduce the body’s ability to regulate temperature and blood pressure." (credit goes to Agate Bay Animal Hospital , in CA)

Also you might try "feliway" it has a calming effect so it lowers your kitties stress levels. I've heard it suggested for travel, not sure how well it works though. also be sure you have something the crate with kitty that belongs to you or daddy, like wear a shirt for a couple of days without washing it and put it in there with kitty. your scent will help keep him relaxed.

I hope some of this helps smile