Over the counter sedatives

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Purred: Mon Feb 11, '08 7:17am PST 
Hi. I'm trying to decide if I want to take my 2 cats on a 10 hour trip with me. I took Max on a 10 hour trip and he did very well however Reese I'm not so sure about. Reese is known to start panting when he is in the car. I've started leaving the crates out and Reese is used to be in the crate in the house and does well with that. I've also started taking him on short rides around town a few times. He still pants here and there. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to try an over the counter product like Feliway or something. Does any one have experiences with any of these products or heard which ones work best?thinking


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Purred: Mon Feb 11, '08 3:57pm PST 
We moved Punkin & Charlie from Wisconsin to Indiana. A good, 8 hour drive in a large U-Haul truck.
Before leaving Wisconsin, the vet gave us these pills to help the boys rest. Though they did'nt move around a lot.....they still cried out a lot. And Punkin also pants like a dog when he is in the car for too long.

Poor babies made it and it took great time before they adjusted from that tripfrown

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Purred: Tue Feb 12, '08 5:08am PST 
You can get a mild tranquilizer from your vet. It's called
acepromazine. It would only take one, maybe two pills each to
make the trip, depends on the cats sizes and metabolism. They're
not expensive and work quite well. Mama had to sedate me to travel
cuz I'd start panting and, due to my asthma, my breathing would
end up shutting down... it worked miracles for getting me to vet
appointments. ^~~^

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Purred: Tue Feb 12, '08 4:51pm PST 
You can try Rescue Remedy. I've never used it but others have and say it works shrug It's a liquid that you put a couple drops of in your pet's food or water or directly in the mouth.

Rescue Remedy


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Purred: Sat Feb 16, '08 10:00am PST 
Hey thanks. I'm so excited...I have been working with Reese for about a month now, first with crate training and now with car riding. I've taken him out only 3 times in the car in the past few weeks and today he did the best he's ever done. It was great! I did give him something called "Calm down for Cats" but I'm not sure if it was that that helped him not pant and get stressed out or if he is just getting used to riding in the car and he realizes the car isnt just to take him to the vet! Now if I can only get Max to not be so afraid of the crate I'd be in good hands! But I don 't think thats gonna happen any time soon because Max is scared-e-cat! Any suggestions on how to make a timid cat less timid would be appreciated as well!


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Purred: Sun Feb 17, '08 6:19pm PST 
Hi there! I've used Feliway (both the spray and the plug-in) and I've had great results with my cat Faith. She travels in the car quite a bit and I usually give my car 2 or 3 spritzes before I put her in. The short car rides you're taking them on is also a great idea. Good luck with your travels!