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Krazy for Kitty- Kaviar
Purred: Mon May 16, '05 6:59am PST 
Hi, Solo's cat-mom here. Can anyone offer advice on traveling with a cat? I will be driving from Raleigh to Nashville in December. It's 8+ hours. When we moved from Baltimore to Raleigh (5.5 hours), the vet prescribed a tranquilizer for Solo, since she hates going ANYWHERE, esp detests her carrier. If I don't HAVE to tranq her, I'd rather not. Also, what's the deal with no food or water before or during? Wouldn't she get hungry? (If you haven't seen Solo, she DOES like her treats.) I also would love any suggestions on really CUTE cat carriers. I'm definitely upgrading from her plastic cat taxi which, again, she HATES. Any info, please email me or post. Thanks.

Roxanne- (kitty- heaven)

Jacques' one and- only
Purred: Mon May 16, '05 8:45am PST 
See my response to "have you moved?". I was in the car for 12 hours one day, 8 the next.

My vet advised against tranquilizing me because I was nine years old at the time. And, I don't know about you, but I'm not one of those kitties who has to walk all over the car when I'm in it - I'd rather just hide. But if you are, maybe you'd like a soft carrier like mine - it had a wonderful sherpa lining, very comfy. Definitely tell your mom to lose the plastic carrier!

My mommy just had dry food in the car for me to munch on. I didn't like treats (again, I was never a typical kitty), so none of those. Of course, I had canned food and water for the hotel. But your trip is only 5.5 hours, so you should be fine with just dry food and treats.

I was put in the soft carrier for whenever they got out of the car, because my mommy was afraid I'd try to run. Otherwise, I just hid in my covered bed.

Good luck smile


Purred: Sun May 22, '05 2:34pm PST 
Hi Solo's mom, Button and I haven't done much traveling in the car, but I have flown with her, which made me very nervous at first. I got her a Sherpa bag, and I left it out around the house so that she could get used to it before our flight. She loves it so much now that she sleeps in it all the time when we are at home! Here is their website: http://www.sherpapet.net/index.php


Krazy for Kitty- Kaviar
Purred: Fri May 27, '05 5:42am PST 
Boo hoo, I was hoping someone could give some more information here... especially about what to do with feeding me and having a litter box for me in the car. Obviously, I have never really done this before, so I don't know how to train my cat-mom. I'm going to be in the car 8 hours. Should I eat before/during or not? Have water? Have a litter box? How would I get to it, if I'm staying in a carrier?


master of the- kittyflop
Purred: Fri May 27, '05 5:45pm PST 
The first trip is always the nasty one. My dad drove me across the entire state of Kansas for my first road trip. But boy did I get even by drowning out the radio in his car smile
Didnt seem to help much.. but it sure helped out my meow.

Since cedric was already used to his carrier, the long trip wasnt too bad overall. The return trip was much better as he had learned that no amount of hollering (no matter how loud and obnoxious) would get him out of the cage. Thus making my 3 day drive from KC to California much easier on both of us.

For a litterpan - go visit wallmart/target/k-mart and get one of those plastic organizer bins to place the litterpan in. This goes in the back seat and kitty is shown the litterpan at every stop.
Also bring a jug of water from home (water from elsewhere smells funny and kitty may not drink any), food, and of course dishes for kitty to eat from. Offer him food & water whenever you stop.

Only let kitty out of the carrier when the car is stopped.

DONT open the car door when kitty is out of the carrier.

And of course give kitty lots of love and attention while you are stopped.

BlueSage- Daniel Beau- Buffett

I'm a travelin'- man...
Purred: Fri May 27, '05 7:59pm PST 
We travel for business, and move about every 3 months. All 4 kitties have the Sherpa carriers. Teddy is the only one who has to take a pill for carsickness. We usually drive 8 hours a day, and we just have tiny bits of munchies before we go. (Mom says that is so we won't get sick.) Molly & Teddy have been traveling like this for 7 years, and Micah & I just started last winter. We have never had to pee or poo, and we also just plain don't like to eat or drink while we are in the car.
We also like to be buddied up in the carriers. Micah with Daniel, and Molly with Teddy. It's more calming that way.


Purred: Mon Apr 3, '06 9:56pm PST 
Me and my brother Maui stay at home with a Pet Sitter and love her! She visits us twice a day and feeds us, plays with us and gives extra special attention and makes sure our box is spotless! If anybody from San Diego reads this, email us for a referral smileit costs less than baording and we're really comfortable. Make sure they are certified bonded and city licensed.

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Tue Apr 4, '06 10:42am PST 
I go with mommsie and daddsie all the time.. but when I travel , I go in a large dog carrier, one big enough for my water,blanket ,toys, and litter tray.. they stop every so often to give me a break. I have a harness and leash ....I don't eat before we leave so my tummy not get sick.. but you can get car sick pills to help that..... good luck Bluie


A musician's- kitty
Purred: Wed May 10, '06 11:30am PST 
My mommy had to move half-way across the country with me one time! We drove for 4 days, 8-16 hours a day. It wasn't so bad! I just slept a lot.

The first day of these trips was the hardest, because Melody wasn't used to being in her carrier for so long- it was a very different enviroment. After the first half of that first day, she slept in her carrier most of the time we were driving. She was still a kitten at the time, so her small-dog sized carrier that she still has plenty of room in now was huge for her. I put a Purr-Pad on the bottom, along with a little blanket with my scent and a few of her small toys. I also gave her a small dish of water, and when we stopped for meals, I would give her small treats, but not enough to make her tummy sick. As soon as we got to a hotel, we would let her wander around the room (she liked being in all these new places!) and give her lots of food and water, which I left for her all night and then took away as soon as I woke up in the morning. Melody was so small that I just put some litter in a shallow tupperware and put that in her carrier, too, but I like the idea of having one in the backseat and letting her use it every time you stop. I'd let Melody out of her carrier when I stopped so she could stretch. She liked hiding between all the boxes!

Hope that helps!


The Mighty- Hunter
Purred: Thu May 11, '06 9:27pm PST 
Also a good idea to get a harness and leash, just in case. I tried to sneak into crevices like way under the seat and also under a pile of furniture when we had to move. A harness will help you not get too lost or far away from your mom. Plus you never know if a car door will open unexpectedly.
Don't forget:
1) Litterbox on the floor of back seat - offered to you at every stop
2) A dish of water available to you in your carrier or at every stop
3) Food for little snacks throughout the course of the trip. Your mom may sneak litttle bites into your carrier to distract you during the drive since you may be disoriented and scared to sit and eat a full meal during stops.
If the sun hits your carrier directly through the window you should be moved to shade or if it's hot, have your mom surround your carrier with cold bottles of water. Good luck!

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