Flying alone: is it very scary?

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Purred: Thu Dec 6, '07 12:16pm PST 
I need to know about flying on an airplane alone (I guess in a cargo area?) Is it really scary? Will I be traumatized by it?
The thing is I might need to take an airplane to get to my new home, but we are worried if it might be too scary for me!
If it would be too scary then my new owner will need to fly and pick me up, and then fly home with me the same day.

They are hoping that I might be able to get a ride with a car by one of their relatives but they are not sure if that is going to work out or not...if not it will have to be an airplane...


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Purred: Fri Dec 7, '07 2:24am PST 
Hi, Roxy! That's exciting about your new home!
I flew from Idaho to California alone when I was 12 weeks old. Here is what my breeder did:
I went cargo in a hard case with towels, a little blanket and Live Animal stickers on it. There was a sample of the kitty food, but I don't remember about water... (My new cat mother Fed-Xed the case back.)
There was a printed label that said I was a baby boy Tonk kitty and the name/address/phone of my new owner in large type. The airplane people were really nice and my owner was there to meet me. She had a soft carrier and water and was ready for me.
It was a very short flight and I didn't cry at all in the car on the way home...I was happy the very same afternoon in my new house with my new sister.

If you could be picked up in a car, it would certainly be safer, but flying alone is done often and a good breeder will know the correct airline and procedure. Best of luck and happiness to you!


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Purred: Tue Feb 5, '08 5:04pm PST 
thinking I think it could be a very scarey thing to be in the cargo area and alone.


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Purred: Fri Mar 14, '08 12:07pm PST 
It can be very scary.
Read some previuos posts I posted. And talk to the vet.
And if you do have a choice to go by car I would pick that instead of the plane.


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Purred: Fri Mar 14, '08 2:37pm PST 
Another suggestion for you. There is a group here on Catster called the Catster railroad. We have a bunch of people in different areas that help rescues get to their new homes and such. It usually goes in legs. I don't know how far you are going but maybe this would be an option.

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Purred: Fri Mar 14, '08 6:56pm PST 
I would check out the catster railroad. I never had a cat shipped or anything but when I bought my puppy online he was shipped in an animal carrier with blankets inside food and some ice cubes were in there plus they fed & gave him water a few hours before his flight. He was wearing a collar a plastic one with his name/age and phone number/address of where he came from and my name/address. He also had a big orange live animal sticker on his crate along with my address and the address that he came from with the last time he ate and drank. There was also a plastic pocket attached to the outside with vet information etc...And the health guarantee he needed in order to even be on the plane.

I also brought with me a nutrical supplement (I think they make them for cats to) its like a gel, to put a little on his gums just in case he was tramatized/low blood sugar while on the flight from texas to tennessee.

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Purred: Sat Mar 15, '08 3:56pm PST 

Mom works with Save A Sato and they fly doggys and sometimes kittys from Puerto Rico to CT, MA, FL and WA.

You'll need a hard carrier, airline approved. Put shredded newspapers on the bottom of the crate - in case of an accident it absorbs poops and pee. Put two water bowls on the inside of the crate, and fill them with ice cubes. You can actually fill them and freeze them in the bowls. They need to be tie on the door.

Also put a soft towel or blanket in the carrier to snuggle into. A small stuffed animal is also a comfort.

Tape a bag of cat food on top of the carrier, in case your flight is delayed. All health papers should be inside of a baggy, and also taped to the carrier. And of course - live animal stickers.

The take off is scary for critters, but once the plane levels off, everyone relaxes. Mom and Dad have done many airport pickups, and the pups sleep all the way to the shelter. It's about an hour ride from the airport.

My kitty cousins also flew from Puerto Rico and Mom and Dad picked them up. They were fine, and they flew a year ago January.

♥- Roxy- ♥

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Purred: Sun Mar 16, '08 6:51pm PST 
Thanks guys, we ended up driving-- well, sorta. My typist took a train out to her cousin's town and then her cousin and his family drove to pick me up and they all drove back to my new home with me.