Leaving kittens alone overnight

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Purred: Mon Aug 1, '05 5:20am PST 
I have two kittens, Cosmo is about nearly 4 months old and Newman is 3.5 months old.
Are they too young to leave alone overnight?
This is my first time owning cats and the thought of leaving them alone really worries me, but everyone keeps telling me it's fine as long as I leave out extra food and water.


Mommy's Handsome- Boy
Purred: Mon Aug 1, '05 12:09pm PST 
I am 3 months old and while I have never been left ALONE, one time mom and dad took me to visit my grandparents who have a HUGE dog, so I had to spend the night locked up in the downstairs bathroom by myself. I didn't like it. I cried a lot. But other than that, I was just fine. I'm sure I would have been even better if I had someone to play with like you do. My mom had a hard time leaving me by myself that night, since I'm used to sleeping with them, but I think you will be ok. Your mom might not be, though! smile

Landon- Dakota

Purred: Mon Aug 1, '05 3:44pm PST 
I've been home alone overnight before, and I didn't seem to mind! Then again, I'm a lot older than you. My mom says your mom will probably be worried, and you'll just have a lot of fun!

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

Bucket of Fuzz

Purred: Tue Aug 2, '05 1:54am PST 
Well, I'd think that as long as you know how to find your food, water and litterbox then you'll probably be ok for one night alone. One night isn't really any longer than one work shift during the day. What's ultimately the difference?

If your humans are really worried, they might consider confining you to one room of the house with a food and box handy so that you don't get too confused by the disruption in routine.


Fiend #2.
Purred: Tue Aug 2, '05 8:59am PST 
Oh, yes -- it should be okay for one night. You have lots of good advice here. The other thing is that your mom will have times when she will be away, and if you get used to the idea that every day will not be just the same, you will be relaxed and adaptable as you grow up. Have a good time!

--the fiends


Mo Money
Purred: Thu Aug 4, '05 6:02pm PST 
while I myself have never actually been home alone for any extended period of time, I don't imagine it to be all that bad.... you can scratch all you want.... sleep wherever you want.... walk on the kitchen counters... nudge things at will.... sounds good to me... as long as someone comes around and feeds me, gives me a little love, tell me how good I am, yeah - I'd be fine with that...


You love me, you- can't help it!
Purred: Mon Sep 26, '05 3:58am PST 
This is my first time with a cat too, and I'm so nervous to leave Cosmo alone overnight (he's almost 4 months). I feel really guilty, but it's only for a night...

Thanks for the advice!

Criss Cross

Dip Stick
Purred: Fri Sep 30, '05 10:38am PST 
Mom leaves us alone for up to a weekend. We have it made! We get extra food dishes and extra water dishes (toilet seats are down though) and we get to play all day and night! My brother Odee pouts when mom gets home. He sits backs and watches with his ears back. After about 30 minutes he gets over it though. Idon't pout, I come running. After all I have to show mom the trash can I knocked over and the stuff in the cabinets that I knocked out and the....... The best part is mom feels guilty and usually brings us a new toy or some treats and we get extra hugs and kisses!


Born to Run &- Born to Moo Boo

Purred: Fri Sep 30, '05 10:59am PST 
Hi Cosmo, yes you will be fine, Mum and Dad left me and my sister Bobbie overnight when we were about your age. We just slept most of the time, they left us plenty of food and water, a nice clean littler tray and a selection of beds and confined us to one room. By the time they returned we had slept so much I don't even think we realised how long they had been away. Mum doesn't like leaving us though, she worries about us even when she goes to work...she is silly, but all Mummys are the same. She is going on a short holiday in just over a weeks time and I can hear her panicking already!!!!! but we will be fine....we might ignore them when they come back but that will only last for five or ten minutes. Good Luck with your first night home alone. You'll be fine....Trust Us. xxxxxxx


Make way for- me!
Purred: Sun Oct 2, '05 7:33am PST 
As long as there is plenty of food and water and the house (or the room you'll be kept in) is made safe, you'll be okay. Mom makes sure everthing is unplugged because I've been known to chew on a wire or two when I was MUCH younger. I think she's afraid I'll get bored and start chewing again! (Maybe I would....)

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