Thanksgiving plans?

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Tabby (Tabitha)

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Purred: Tue Nov 7, '06 1:27am PST 
Mommy and Daddy live in Portland, OR, and are traveling to Seattle, WA, for Thanksgiving (4 hour drive one-way). Actually, two Thanksgiving celebrations, with the same group of family. The first one is on the Tuesday before T-day, and the other one is T-day itself. Daddy has a plan to drive up early Tuesday morning, come back early early Wednesday morning, sleep all day Wednesday (and cuddle with us), then drive up again early T-day morning, stay overnight, then drive back Friday.
Mommy wants to take us along so she can stay up there the whole time. Carbon tends to pee on himself during car rides, and Skylar and Lydia cry sometimes. I like car rides. Mommy doesn't want to worry about us and about all the driving. Daddy doesn't mind the driving, and would rather us be at home, with a cuddle inbetween the days (even though it's more driving).

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I think it would be less stressful for the cats to stya in thier own environment, rather than be shuttled to 2 different homes. Besides they will need to stay confined in one room, as all of the commotion and excitement around the holidays and parties are sure to get them nervous and stressed. You do not want someone accidentally letting the cats outside, where they may be come lost or wounded. If you really don't want to do all of the driving, see if a neighbor or friend (or even the vet tech that works at your vets office) can come by once or twice a day to check on them, (feed, water , clean litter, give attention) they will be alot safer.

Tabby (Tabitha)

Attention hog!
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Mommy and Daddy have decided that Mommy will stay up in Seattle and spend time with family, while Daddy drives back to be with us and then up again on Thanksgiving.


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Your dad is awesome, Tabby! What a great cat person! smile