Moving on Sunday!

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Molly ~ Meow!
Purred: Fri Sep 29, '06 7:47pm PST 
I'm going to be moving on Sunday and my human isn't really sure how to do it safely, without me getting out all the open doors! We are having moving men come to our house at 8 AM.. We live in one bedroom of one floor of a house (Welcome to New York City!) and I cannot be shut in any other room because my human's roommate is allergic to me, and we're moving into a studio apartment!

So, my human's idea was to take me over to the new studio apartment _before_ the moving men come to the old house - it is very nearby - with some of my things (litterbox, towel, toys, scratcher, food, water) and lock me in the bathroom. frown I don't want to, but she says it is the only place to keep me all morning and afternoon while all of our boxes and furniture are transported. We will put a sign on the door warning the moving men NOT to come into the bathroom because I am in there, of course. Does anyone see any problems? There are no toxic chemicals stored in there and we will fasten the toilet lid down, not that I would ever drink out of one like a dog.. frown

(I can't stay in my carrier all day because I know how to escape~! smile


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Sun Oct 1, '06 4:49pm PST 
That sounds like the perfect solution. You may already be moved, and had I seen this earlier, I would have told you to make sure to be locked securely in a space. (i'm in the process of moving too...just alot farther than you)!

Boo =^..^=

Raider of the- lost Fridge
Purred: Sun Oct 1, '06 5:34pm PST 
We are moviing as well.... Think it is somkething they are putting in their water to make them all move at the same time of year?

I have a nasty feeling our mommy is going to be making us change houses this coming weekend... there are boxes and loads of bags packed, and there is a lot of spaces on the carpet...where you can see carpet~!!!!

Am worried... I see myself living in my cat tree for at least the first week of the new house. Perhaps more. Last time Mommy made me move I stayed there for two weeks. She had to hand feed me in the tree and I would only sneak to and from the litterbox when I REALLY had to....

I hate moving.

Molly Moo

Moo Cat
Purred: Tue Oct 3, '06 11:18am PST 
We're moving too, and my humans have been worried about how to do it without us cats getting out doors! Moving is stressful enough for us cats, what with the different smells and sights. Not looking forward to it!