Small kittens on "long" car rides

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Charlie Bear- Nubbins

Fat Boy
Purred: Mon Aug 14, '06 4:42pm PST 
My boyfriend and I are going to Maine for 4 days starting this Thursday. It is a 1.5 hour drive from where we live. We've decided to go back to a foster home and adopt a very small kitten (though she is about 5 months old) after we get back.

When I was younger, we used to take my cat to Maine every weekend (the same distance in the car). Part of me wants to go get this new kitten now and take her with us, but my boyfriend thinks it would be "traumatizing". I can see his point, but I'm worried someone else might snatch her up now that we know for sure we want to take her in.

What should we do?


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Mon Aug 14, '06 5:34pm PST 
1.5 hours is not that long of a drive, but since she will have so many NEW things going on, it very well could be traumatic. Is there any way you could put a deposit down on her and pick her up when you return?

Dexter - (C.K. Dexter- Haven)

Too Cute to- Resist
Purred: Tue Aug 15, '06 1:07pm PST 
Mom got me a month ago. She did not want me to dread riding in the carrier like the rest of the kitties. So Mom started the day she got me taking me different places. She filled my carrier with several different toys to keep my attention. She made sure to take me several places I could get out and play - like my Grandma's house. It only took me a couple of days to think riding in the carrier was a fun thing. Now Mom puts me in the carrier and I just start playing with my toys. No meowing, no fussing. An hour and a half drive would be nothing for me.
Just make sure the kitten has plenty of room in its carrier and its favorite toys and I think the new kitty will be alright for the trip.


I'll think about- that tomorrow
Purred: Sat Aug 26, '06 10:30am PST 
I'm very good on car rides, as long as I have access to my carrier and litterbox in case I feel like being inside of something. I will usually prowl around and explore the backseat, and sometimes I will curl up on a lap and sleep.


Queen of Troy
Purred: Sun Aug 27, '06 3:12pm PST 
I'm only 4 months old and I have travelled over 13 hours on a plane and just this past week three days in a car. I have always been a travelling kitty so it doesn't bother me much. Just make sure you are as consistant as you can be about the litter. Even if you can go outside, I would recommend having one of those flatter sealable tubs for the litter and making sure to use it. That way the habbit of using the box is ingrained. I quite like travelling, though I tend to sleep through most of it because after a while it's boring. Make sure to bring some toys along with you!