I'm moving to Birmingham!!!

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I'm cuter than- Sly
Purred: Mon Aug 14, '06 11:32am PST 
Hello my kitty pals,

Just wanted to announce that I will be leaving my birthplace of Gainesville, GA to move in with my grandmother in Birmingham, AL…but I’ll also be with my other brother Lexy. I’ll have to admit I’m going to miss my brother Flower because he’s been my littermate since day one, but change can be good.

Since I am always the one to guard the house (in the center of 7acres of woods) I always get the scuffs and the scars…I tend to disappear for a number of days (and yes I am neutered…it’s just the way I deal with my pain). Grandmother and Mommy have been discussing my well being and both decided it would be best for me to become an inside kitty and since at this time I will not be able to become an inside kitty with Mommy (because Tinker Bell is the queen and won’t let anybody else in) grandmother has decided to take me in.

I am both scared and excited all at the same time. This Wednesday (8/16) I go in to get declawed on my front 2 paws…I am not frightened by this surgery as it will be done with a laser (which is less painful and quicker recovery), then next Wednesday (8/23) Mommy will drive me out to Birmingham to live with the other ½ of my family. My poor grandmother is having a partial hysterectomy on 8/21/06. BUT – since she will be at home for 4 weeks it will be a great way for all of us to become a happy family.

I just ask that those of you who read this, please keep me in your thoughts and pawrayers and if you have any advice on how Grandmother can make it more comfortable for me, please let me know. ALSO GIVE SOME ADVICE TO MOMMY ON HOW SHE CAN KEEP MY CALM FOR THE 3HR CAR RIDE (She’s thinking of possibly requesting some tranquilizers from the vet – any specifics that REALLY work??)

Puuuurrrrsssss and many meeeooooowwwws,

I will try and stay on Catster as often as possible, Grandmother doesn’t yet know how to use it, but she can surely pass the word onto Mommy


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Purred: Mon Aug 14, '06 12:08pm PST 
My gramma lives near Birmingham, and I've visited her a couple of times when momma and I had to evacuate due to hurricanes. I'm sure you'll love it there. I wish you all the best in your new home. I'll be pawraying for you and your gramma.

Purrs and Headbutts