Moving cats into a house with new people in it as well as us!

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Flizzy Floggles- Rules The Day!
Purred: Mon Aug 14, '06 8:37am PST 
Me and My Boyfriend are wishing to prehaps move down to a city down south in about 6-9 months time but if we do we might have to houseshare for a year whilst we got on our feet and raise the extra cash for our own place!

I won't go anywhere i cant take Izzy and Spencer but has anyone else moved into a house with new people and how did the cats react to other people being around all the time?


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Mon Aug 14, '06 9:59am PST 
Izzy, if you are generally friendly w/ people, then you should have no problem being in a house w/ others. In fact, you may enjoy all the extra attention. Just make sure the other humans know the rules. If you are indoors, make sure they understand the dangers of outdoors. Make sure they understand potential poisons etc. I am not a very social cat, but as soon as someone (anyone) comes into our house, I am rubbing them all over to get a bit of affection. Good Luck w/ the move.