what collars are safe for kittens?

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little- mister

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Purred: Sun Jul 16, '06 12:12pm PST 
what collars are safe for kittens?


El Grecca
Purred: Sun Jul 16, '06 4:11pm PST 
"Break-away" collars are the only collars safe for any cat or kitten. They are the type that if a cat/kitten gets hung up on something the collar will break open and free them rather than let them strangle or starve.

We wear our collars even though we don't go out side, just because we're girls and look pretty.


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Sun Jul 16, '06 6:30pm PST 
Personally, I like Beastie Bands. They are stretchy, so you can get them off if you need to. Also they are cut to fit, so anysize cat can wear them. Plus they come in really cool designs.


Baby loves Self - Sup?- Milky! oh Milky!
Purred: Mon Jul 17, '06 12:37pm PST 
I would say "Break Away" collars! They are not expensive and work great! When I was younger I was wearing a regular collar and got it stuck on my jaw, if it was a "Break Away" collar than it would of broke off my jaw.

Tokyo Rose

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Purred: Tue Jul 18, '06 3:43pm PST 
Petsmart sells a wonderful brand of breakaway collars called 'safe cat.' All of us wear them, along with tags with our names and mommy and daddy's phone numbers JUST IN CASE we get out. You can never be too careful!!

And be sure to keep the numbers up-to-date. I got out for 8 days last month, and mommy and daddy were worried sick because there was an old cell phone number on my collar!

Lilibet- Squeekietoy- Humphrey

I am the Tiny- Girl!
Purred: Wed Jul 19, '06 10:14pm PST 
Because I am so very little even though I'm two, mommy bought me a breakaway collar and then had to cut it down to fit me. It was easy! You just cut it at the buckle and then run the end through the buckle part you cut off and glue it with Goop and put weight on it 'til it's good and dry. Just be sure to let the Goop dry 'til you can't smell it any more. That way I don't get either get my lower jaw or a leg stuck in a collar that is too large for me. The other thing I would consider is the weight of the tag. Mommy always buys light plastic tags for us~~who wants all that heavy metal stuff hangin' around their neck? And mommy just keeps any rabies tags in the front hall closet--that's just even more heavy stuff kitties don't need to wear all the time. And even though you guys have nametags, have your humans microchip you. It's so cheap and worth the price bigtime if you've ever lost a cat and wondered what on earth happened.