Moving 2 Cats who hate change

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♫Lucy&- #9835;- 1998-2012

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Purred: Sat Jul 8, '06 9:39am PST 
We're moving in a week and I'm already going crazy. Boxes are everywhere, people keep coming and taking stuff, My condo was sold, and it seems every few hours things are in a new place! Zory and I are going nuts, we don't like change.

We're only moving about an hour from where we already are and mom is planning to take 3 seperate trips to get everything there.

When should she move Zory and me?
She's thinking of taking me on the first trip and leaving Zory until the last. This way I'll get to explore and claim my territory, as I'm a bit of a scardy cat and Zory is a bully. Also I'll have 2 nights alone while mom stays at the old place. I'm not too fond of humans, so mom thinks I'll like this peace and quiet. But she is afraid that I may get scared and think I've been abandoned.

Any ideas? For the most part mom thinks Zory will move just fine(except crying in the car), it's me she's worried about as I don't adjust well.


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Purred: Sat Jul 8, '06 9:56am PST 
I am lucky, I am a very easy going cat. I move easily. (we just moved 2000miles (2 day car trip and the only noise I made was meow when I had to go pee.) Sounds like you will have a much harder time. Since I personally don't have any negative experience w/ moving, I got some info for you online. Hopefully some of it will help. Good Luck.

☆Zoril- la☆

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Purred: Sat Jul 8, '06 2:07pm PST 
Thanks for the links Hunter, mom printed out the information.

Missy, my Perfect Angel Kitty

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Purred: Sat Jul 8, '06 10:38pm PST 
Hi Lucy, if possible, you and Zory should take an opportunity to check out the new place before being moved there, at least you will be somewhat familiar with it.

On the day of the move, you two need to be confined in a room(s) while movers are moving stuff. In the room(s), all the cat-familiar things (toys, food, water, bedding etc) should be there so that the cats have something familiar to relate to.

My mommy's and daddy's experience was to move us kitties last after the movers moved everything else, and to have a human there constantly checking us kitties while the movers are moving stuff. Even being in a room by yourselves for a long time is not good, it's very stressful and you might feel abandoned already.

My mommy's advice is to move both kitties at the same time (and that they be the last to move) but put them in different rooms if possible at the new place. Neither kitty will want to do much exploring and even if they do, it will just overwhelm them and may cause inappropriate behaviours - just coz it's too overwhelming.

If this is not possible, under no circumstances should you be alone by yourself in a house for two days. It's bad enough to be a new place - but to be by yourself...well, you might feel traumatic...and have inappropriate behaviours. You know, to show your humans a few things.

Hunter is just so awesome with the info! I love how he is a fount of information! Anyways, our suggestions above are only based on our direct experience with one move...and we seemed to do ok with this arrangement. Not an easy task, given *I* was always the scaredy-cat, the timid one, and hated change.

Good luck to you and Zory and your humans on the move!


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Purred: Mon Jul 10, '06 10:16am PST 
Hi Lucy and Zory. I don't know if this helps but, I have move twice with my Mom. The first time Mom moved me in first before getting everything set up. Like arranging the furniture and emtying boxes. This really bothered me and I did not like the chaos. But the second time we moved. I was the last to go. Mom got the new house pretty much arranged and boxes unpacked before I got there. This time I came in and took over the place like I was at my old house. I think all the furniture and stuff made me feel at home.


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Purred: Mon Jul 10, '06 10:45am PST 

I think everyone here came up with som precious tips. And I have another one that may help:

Does your mom know about Bach Florals? A floral is a 100% natural drops that your mom can put in your water. Each floral essence is helpful for an especific problem, and you can mix up to five in the same bottle.

I took Bach Florals when we moved to another country and it helped a lot. Mom was very concerned about the flight hours (20 hours from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to San Francisco, USA). And we were moving from an apartment to a big house. Lots of changes for me!

Good luck on your moving.

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

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Purred: Mon Jul 10, '06 11:36pm PST 
Beastie and I have moved lots of times with our mom but it was different every time. One thing I have to say is that having movers come in and haul out all the stuff can be very scary! Heck, even the after-cleaning can be scary (don't get me started about the time they got out the carpet-sucking monster after the furniture and boxes were gone--Beastie and I had no place to hide except the kitchen cupboard!).

The easiest moves for us were when we stayed with our grandma while the actual moving process took place, then joined our mom after everything was delivered to our new home. So if I could offer anything helpful, it would be that--if there's a human that Lucy and Zory know and are comfortable with that would be willing to watch them for a day or so, it could make the whole thing a little less traumatic.

Good luck! Keep us posted!


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Purred: Tue Jul 11, '06 9:49am PST 
Hi Lucy! We don't have too much advice to give but wanted to wish you luck on your move. Please be sure to tell us how you and your sister do. MeOW!