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Queen of Troy
Purred: Thu Jun 1, '06 8:41am PST 
My mum is taking me to her home, way over the ocean in Canada. I was born in Turkey, and I hear that I will have to meet with strange people called Customs. Has anyone else ever met these people before?

Mum says our flight will go from Istanbul to Toronto, but we need to go through New York on the way... wherever that is.

I'm very nervous about meeting these people. Are they scary? Do they make it difficult for kitties to go with their mums? My mum seems very nervous and keeps talking about the paperwork she needs for me. Is there anything I can do to help her?


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Thu Jun 1, '06 11:18am PST 
Make sure you have health certificate, copy of vaccines. Not sure if there is a quarintine period in Canada, so you may want to go to thier website.
http://www .inspection.gc.ca/english/anima/heasan/import/catse.shtml

For The US:

Good Luck with your trip.


I'm cute and I- know it!
Purred: Thu Jun 1, '06 12:08pm PST 
sorry hector.. i dont know anything about that... but im sure you will need all your paper work.. and book of vaccinations.
Wish i could help you out!!! and good luck on your move. Canada ia a great country! trust me.. i live there! MOL

Let us know how everything turns out!! ill keep my paws croosed for ya!! your such a cuite!

MorganThePi- rate in- heaven

You Gotta Love- Me, I'm a Pirate
Purred: Thu Jun 1, '06 12:12pm PST 
Nawh - customs guys are way cool. Before we fly from San Juan, we have to go through an Agriculture Scanner - in case we have an pidgeon peas or wierd stuff in our crates. They we get checked by Security, to make sure our crates don't have any bombs. Mom says the most gorgeous men do Security in San Juan. And they are all really really nice!

Just tell Mom to make sure she has all of your papers, plus an extra copy. Put ice cubes in your water bowl, they last longer than water. Make sure she also tapes some food to your crate.

She may be able to visit you in NY depending on how long you are there for.


Queen of Troy
Purred: Sat Jun 3, '06 10:24am PST 
Thanks for the advice guys! I went to visit the vet today. Icky! They poked me with a needle and put stinky stuff on the back of my head. I'm not talking to Mum at the moment. I did see she got a "Vaccination Passport" but the vet says that I need to visit a few more times. I hope that doesn't mean more needles! There's lots of information in the little booklet about me and the yicky stuff they did to me today, but I don't know if it's enough.

My Turkish is better than my Mum's and the vet said it was International. I hope this is what Mum needs to bring me home with her.

Loki Trenta

Cogitationis- poenam nemo- patitur.
Purred: Thu Jun 8, '06 11:29am PST 
Hi, Hektor!
I'm familiar with customs myself. I was born and lived in Italy for three years, before my family decided to move to Sweden.
My mummy was soooooo very nervous about the trip, but everything turned out fine for all us (there were also two doggies!).
I don't know what are the requirements for entering Canada, but in my case, I had to have the anti-rabies shot, blood test, vaccines, deworming certificate and a pet passport.
We flew to Copenhagen (Denmark) first, and that's where the customs people asked mummy for the documents. Then we drove into Sweden and no one asked us for anything there.
Tell you mum not to worry too much (like mine did!), because as long as you have all that is needed, those people at customs could not harm you in any way or send you back.
Sweden used to have quarantine, but not anymore, hence all the documents required.
I'm sure your mummy will be super-informed of procedures and will provide the paperwork required to enter Canada.
Good luck, anyway!
Loki & her mum Rosie xxx

I had no problem on the planes. We had to take two, but I slept in my carrier bag, at mummy's feet in the cabin!


Queen of Troy
Purred: Sat Jul 29, '06 12:11pm PST 
Just wanted to let everyone know that I survived my big international travelling adventure just fine. My Auntie Evrim helped Mum get all my papers and we had no trouble leaving Turkey. I slept nearly the entire flight from Istanbul to New York and dosed from New York to Toronto.

The Customs Inspector had a quick look at my vaccination documents, filled out a form and played with me while Mum paid the examination fee. We were in and out of customs in about 10 minutes.

When we got to another of my new Auntie's house I had two other cats to play with and I bounced around the house for about 36 hours straight. I was just so happy to be out of my carrier!

Thanks to everyone who gave my Mum advice. She's so glad that I was able to come home with her with almost no troubles. Everyone along the way was super helpful and I charmed the socks off everyone!


Born to Run &- Born to Moo Boo

Purred: Mon Jul 31, '06 11:26am PST 
Aaawww Hekuba, you are a star travelling all that way and being so good. I hope you settle in really well in your new home.

Keep us posted!!!


Queen of Troy
Purred: Fri Aug 4, '06 3:31pm PST 
Thanks Boss. I'm doing well here at Gramma's house. I'll be moving one more time in a few weeks and then I'll be staying put for a good while. Mum says I'm a very good traveller, but she's sick of hauling me around. I am now ruler of the house... okay, Unkie Darv is, but I am more dominant than any of the others here. Everything is going well and I'm having so much fun exploring! It's my first time with a whole house to explore.

Laura Grace

Purred: Sun Aug 6, '06 4:26pm PST 
Oh, I've flown from the USA to Germany and back again several times. I've even had layovers in New York. They are nice. They didn't even want to see all that paper work my mom had to get! They only checked that in Germany before we got on the plane. There was no problems at all.

I had to get out of my kennel one time, while they scanned it under this big machine, but I didnt mind because I got to snuggle on my mom while they did that!

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