cage or no cage?

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Professor Meow- Meow
Purred: Wed Apr 26, '06 7:25pm PST 
I've been riding almost weekly in the car since I was a kitten. I've been quite content riding in the car, looking out the window, sitting in the passenger seat, the back window. Sometime meowing if too many windows are open. But the humans parents bought a big carrier (for a small dog) and I screamed and tried to escape for two hours straight! She would have opened it during the drive so I could just sit nicely as usual, but she knew I'd dive for her head immediately. Sometimes I sit behind her head to play in her hair, but I don't distract her (nowhere near as much as some passengers have!!).

So the question after all that is, do you put ur cat in a cage to drive in the car? Even if he doesn't freak out? Or should I torture him and turn up the stereo to block him out? Thanks! (thats a bit of a loaded question MOL)

Billi Bi- Humphrey

"Got chicken!?"
Purred: Wed Apr 26, '06 11:23pm PST 
Well, my dear, it's always better to be restrained in some way in the rare event there is an accident, when you may run out of the car in fear if someone opens the door (some "helpful" stranger or the nice fireman with the big scary hat) or a window breaks or something. You will also fly thru the cabin, which isn't very good, either. My Auntie Cynthia takes my Cousin Puddy to up to the top of Lake Michigan every summer, lucky Pud. And she sets Puddy's carrier on the back seat and puts her little potty box on the floor in the rear footwell. Puddy hangs out for the whole trip in her carrier with the door open--she likes it because she has her own "room" in the car! But she can come out if she wants. So I'm thinkin,' stick the nice carrier with the door open in the back with Lucy's favorite blankie and some toys and treats and see what happens--maybe Lucy will decide that she actually likes her very special little room. It's also good if for some reason you need to take Lucy out of the car before you get to your destination to have a carrier for her. Is she leash trained?


Little Pink- Nosies Rule!
Purred: Thu Apr 27, '06 3:34am PST 
Human children don't like to have to sit in car seats while driving. They do everything they can think of to make us get them out of that seat. But, we don't give in because we know they're safe. After a while, the child is used to the car seat and there are no problems anymore. Mom has 4 children and that's how it was when they were young.

You're doing 55 on the highway and the car in front of you jams on the brakes. Neither you or the car behind you have time to react. You are seatbelted in, but your cat is wandering free in your car. What happens to him?

My brothers and I are always in a closed carrier when in the car. Not only that, but Mom made sure to buy carriers that have a place for the seatbelt to go. She feels that an unbelted carrier can become a flying object during an accident.

Each pet owner makes these kinds of decisions for their own cats. This is just something to think about.

Tek (Rest in- peace 08/14)

Purred: Thu Apr 27, '06 6:04pm PST 
My owner lets me roam around in the back seat, I can't go into the front though because they put up a big foam guard thing so I can't get through or get hurt if we stop too fast. But if you're owner doesn't have something like that I would advice you to just stay in your cage, or maybe your owner could buy like a big dog sized one and put some of your toys and everything in it so it's not so claustrophobic and cramped, more like home I guess you could say.


Percy-AKA- Snowball
Purred: Sat Apr 29, '06 12:17pm PST 
Our humans wear seat belts to keep us from flying through the car if something bad happens....my meowmy makes us stay in the cage for the same reason...I dislike it too tho and screech for a while. Maybe some catnip or calming herbs before she puts you in? Percy


Sweet Cheeks !!
Purred: Sat Apr 29, '06 12:32pm PST 
I like to Ride in the car with my mummy and even though i like it just to sit on the back seat she said it is much safer for me to stay in the crate, i find it a comfort to take my blanket from my bed in the crate with me as it has the feeling of home on it
love and purrs Smudge xx

Lilibet- Squeekietoy- Humphrey

I am the Tiny- Girl!
Purred: Sat Apr 29, '06 9:10pm PST 
When we used to have parakeeties mommy would take them to their special birdie vet Uncle Dr. Sakas. She would put them in their little travel cages in the back seat and seat belt the cages in. She would also have locks on their little doors made from those little plastic-covered metal clothespins. In the summer she opened the sunroof so the birdies could see the trees and hear other birdies. And they always got super-excited and talk talk talked when mommy hit the freeway. It's good to be belted in. It takes longer to go anywhere and we complain to no avail of course but mommy says those are the rules, even for birdies. Some kitty crates even have a special sort of flat hook on the top to slide the seatbelt into. Jack-Jack (Mr. Big) had one of those. We want parakeeties again but mommy says we have to wait cos we just moved and things are too disorganized and the keeties need to be in their very own room to be away from little climbing kittyfaces! So the keeties are with friends right now. Mommy misses them, too, but not as much as we do (sez me)!

FatBoy(- Rainbow- Bridge)

i admit to- nothing...
Purred: Sun Apr 30, '06 9:22am PST 
my sister and i ride in our sherpa bags, they also have a strap on the back that you can put a seatbelt through for extra safety


I'm the- purrrrfect cat- ever!
Purred: Tue May 2, '06 1:51pm PST 
When we don't go far mom let me go evrywhere in the car. If we go far she put me in my cage. She don't realy like tha cage idea and she is going to by me a small dog seatbelt. I already have dog stuff why not a dog seatbelt?

Chloe Jane

Meow softly and- carry a BIG- mouse.
Purred: Thu May 4, '06 8:25am PST 
Cats should travel in carriers for the simple reason of safety. A cat will go flying if you have to stop quickly or if something else happens. You can control your driving but not the driving of others - there are crazy drivers out there. It's not safe for a cat to be running around a car or sitting on your head. I love my carrier - mom puts it on the livingroom floor and I play in it - I love to sleep in it, too. It's a fun "toy" and I don't associate it with the car or the vet - just fun. But I hate riding in the car, so mom secures my carrier with the seat belt (important to do) and when we start moving she leaves the carrier door open just a little and pets my head. I love the carrier, hate the car. But I'm getting used to it - as you will, too.

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