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Boxie Brown- Forever

Boxie B.- with a- goatee!!
Purred: Wed Sep 13, '06 9:47am PST 
Strictly indoor kitties here. We were all stray and some of us feral all living outside at one time. So we have had our fill with the outdoors AND we know just how dangerous things can be for a cat outdoors! One nice day last year Mom even tried to take Ravi outside to brush him and he became so freaked out he tried to jump through the glass door to get back inside!
Well I forgot about Sneaker, he's an odd one he will not come inside at all, over the years Mom has tried and tried to convert Sneaker. She wishes that she would have know n that he did not belong to anybody before he had gotten so used to being outside. Now he can't see himself as anything but a hunter and outdoors kitty!
Our grandma's cat's Lucky and Whitey, although they lived on the streets at one time too like to go outside into their fenced in yard, neither jump the big wooden privacy fence so this okay as long as Grandma remembers to give them their Advantage or Frontline!

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Tiger (In- Loving- Memory,- 5.24.

Always in- our- heart
Purred: Wed Sep 13, '06 6:13pm PST 
I'm an indoor kitty, even though I do love to venture outside. My mom won't let me though. She's too afraid I'll get hurt.


Athena stole my- heart and has my- love!
Purred: Thu Sep 14, '06 6:37am PST 
I am a 100% indoor cat. I'm glad I like being indoor because mom would freak out if I got out. Mom used to have a cat who was an outdoor cat and she was always worrying about her when she never came home. Too many dangers out there. I agree. Mom did get me a stroller to take me on short walks. I don't mind them too much. At least I get some fresh air and I get to see my nice neighbor lady who likes me a lot. I know there can be medical benefits for being an outdoor cat, but I'm glad I'm an indoor cat!!

Lucky Boo,- Loved &- Missed

Mommy's Guardian- Angel

Purred: Fri Sep 15, '06 5:15am PST 
I lived as an outdoor cat most of my life. Mommy was only 10 when I found her (she was walking on her dirt road w/ her parents, and I walked up to her; I was a tiny black feral kitten and it was Halloween Day--hence the name Lucky Boo). I turned 12 last October and I was still an outdoor cat. But then I got sick with Feline Leukemia and Feline Infectious Peritonitis (got them from a stray cat, Maximo, who showed up at our house and we adopted) so Mommy keeps me indoors now. I love it! She worried about me at first because I have always lived outside, but I don't even really miss it all that much. Like Toulouse, I have a stroller so I can still go out and get some fresh air. I also get to go out on the front porch with Mommy and my Grandparents occasionally. I'm not allowed out unless someone is outside to supervise me to make sure I don't wander away and get lost! I have to take medicine every 12 hours, so it would be disastrous if I were to wander away from the house for a day or two (which I've done in the past when I was outdoors only). I considermyself lucky that I haven't gotten injured outside. Well I did almost get my head cut off in our garage door but that was a long, long time ago. And I got bit by a snake too. Oh yeah, and there were the abscesses... guess I wasn't that lucky.
Lucky Boo

Sir Thomas

Gato tripode

Purred: Fri Sep 15, '06 5:20am PST 
I am a 60/40 cat: 60% indoors; 40% outdoors. I don't like being inside at all. I was a stray so I have always lived in the great outdoors. Mommy adopted me a few years ago, and soon after that I became an indoors only cat while my leg healed. Some mean purrson attacked me with a bat or some other metal object, shattering my right hind leg! I had to have an external fixater on my leg for two months! During that recovery time, all I wanted to do was go outside, but I couldn't. I did escape a couple times but Mom always caught me. Then after my leg was all better, (about 5 months after the injury occurred), my Grandparents started letting me outside again. I don't live where the attack occurred anymore--that was where Mommy goes to college, and I now live with my Grandparents in a relatively safe neighborhood. I am fortunate that I live in a safe place where I can somewhat safely go outside. I know there are risks involved, but I'm not happy when I'm inside. I do have to stay inside at night though! And whenever I want to go inside to grab a bite to eat, someone is always there to open the door for me.


Mama's Lap Cat

Purred: Fri Sep 15, '06 5:23am PST 
I live indoors and outdoors too. Most of my time is spent inside. I know too well the dangers of the outdoors. When I was a kitten, I liked to nap behind the car tires, and Grandmaw accidentally ran over me one night! My hips were crushed and my right hind leg broken, and I had to spend three whole months in the vet's office getting better! Mommy was in high school at the time, and she would come straight to Dr. W.'s office every day after school to visit me every single day. Now I have a slight limp but I luckily healed without having to have any surgery. I spend most of my time inside. I go out for about an hour or two a day. 4 or 5 hours at the most. The rest of the time I'm in the safety of the home.


I'm a meerkat!

Purred: Fri Sep 15, '06 5:26am PST 
I'm an indoors only kind of guy!! All my siblings (Lucky Boo, Sir Thomas, Dutch, and Luna) get to go outside sometimes but I never do. Mommy is very protective of me. Lucky Boo and I always live with Mommy and the rest of the gang stay with my Grandparents. That's why they get to go outside so much--my grandparents let them go out whenever they want to (except for nighttime, of course). I lived as a scavenger in a gas station parking lot. I was feral. Mommy caught me and we have been best friends ever since. Now I'm actually afraid to go outside! Sometimes I do get to spend 5-10 minutes outside, but only when Mommy and my Grandparents are outside too so they can watch over me! I've gone for a few stroller rides too, but that's going to take some more getting used to.


Psycho Loon

Purred: Fri Sep 15, '06 5:28am PST 
Mom adopted me when I was 4 weeks old, and until I was 3, I never went outside. I'm crazy though, so when I started living more with my Grandparents, they started letting me go outside. I probably spend 10-15% of my time outdoors now. The rest of the time I am in the house. I am microchipped so if I ever get lost outside, hopefully I will be reunited with Mommy. When she gets out of college and gets her own place, I will be indoors only once again! That's what she says... we'll see about that. I am good at getting my way, and I like going outside.


Purred: Sat Sep 16, '06 10:23am PST 
My sisters and I are all indoor kittys. Mom says that there are too many dangers for us--for example: getting hit by cars, dont have to worry as much for flea problems, or getting sick---but it did happen to me when someone carried in a virus in and I got sick...


Little Cats Have- Great Fun!
Purred: Sat Sep 16, '06 4:09pm PST 
It is in my humble opinion that all cats ought to be indoor cats, unless you happen to be a mountain lion or other wild kitty. My late brother, Canaan, was an indoor cat, but tragically lost his life at just nine years of age because he walked out the dog door and met a coyote. That coyote took a heft bite out of him and then left him in the street, where he died after being struck by a car. Sorry for such a greusome story, but because of this, I feel very strongly about all cats being indoor. I, Gershwin, am a very independent cat, and therefore, I love sneaking out the back door to explore. We have the dog door that is computerized, so all the dogs wear a special tag that allows them to go outside and come back in, but keeps wild animals out and me in. The tag has a censor on it for the dogs so that it reads the serial number which allows them to enter/exit. But since I do not have one, the door instead puts off a shriek that cats hate! Humans can barely hear it, but cats hear it loud and clear! I do not go near the door, because I hate that sound. Sometimes mom will let me out to play, on a 100-foot lead that attaches to the house, made of string. This way I can play in the bushes and run around, but not get lost or wander off. It is a great tool for keeping me in and wild animals out.

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