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Cats Rule - Dogs are- playtoys!!
Purred: Tue Jul 4, '06 6:35am PST 
I am a 110% indoor kitty. We live really close to a road, so mommy would NEVER let me outside...which is fine with me...eatting kitty grass in the window is good enough for me! And if I ever get the urge to hunt...mommy lets me into the basement to make sure there are not mice...so why do I need to go outside?!?!
My family used to have 2 cats a few years ago when they lived in the country who would go through the dog door to the balcony and jump off (from the 2nd floor) whenever they wanted out...guess it's a good things cats land on their feet! Then would come to the door when the wanted back inside.


Bad to the fish
Purred: Tue Jul 4, '06 1:52pm PST 
Well at night im indoor and in th e mornin i'm outdoor but whenever mommy askes me if i would like to come in i do i LOVE the outdoors and indoors!In the winter i like to go out and eat the snow with mommy but i only stay out for a little then my paws feel really cold but i love the outdoors!


I hate that- kitten.
Purred: Wed Jul 5, '06 6:31am PST 
My kitties are not allowed outside. There's far too many dangers, and lots of people dislike cats enough to intentionally poison them, run over them, etc. It's not worth the risk to my kitties. Gizmo does like to sit on the back step sometimes. But the yard is fenced and I know it would take a whole lotta persuasion to get her big 'ol butt over the fence! She sits on the step while I'm cleaning up after the dogs and goes in when I tell her she's been out long enough. Even sitting by the door like that just makes me all kinds of nervous.


Drama Princess
Purred: Wed Jul 5, '06 2:13pm PST 
I am a strictly indoor cat- Ive had enough of the outdoors anyway- my dad found me when I was a kitten in san francisco. I was a bit of a feral kitty, but he took me home and Ive never wanted to go outside since. Im happy to watch the birds, bugs and cars fly by my window.
And its easier for me anyway, I dont have to worry about fleas and ticks as much or getting lost or hurt.

Little Miss- Skitty Kitty

skitty's in love
Purred: Sun Jul 9, '06 4:45pm PST 
we rescued skitty last summer when she was approx. 5 yrs old. we were told that she had a litter shortyly before she was surrenderd by her previously family which leads us to beleave she did go outdoors at some point. since we've had her she 's gotten out once last fall...a stupid wrker left our back door open even after i asked him numerous times not too. skitty was jumping fences & it was dark out...we thought we would loose her for sure... luckly we finally caught her. she always sits at the back door & watchs her brothers in the yard. she has showed interest in going out but we are strongly opposed to that...too many lost, sick or dead kitties i've heard about or seen frown skitty was sitting by the back door earlier today & i moved her as i was in & out (i would shut the door each time or course) anyways, i opened the door to call in her brothers & i noticed some movement by my legs. i looked down & guess what skitty got out...i yelled @ her & luckily she came back in. skitty is micro-chipped but i am sooo paranoid we'll loose this sweet girl frown


Flizzy Floggles- Rules The Day!
Purred: Thu Jul 20, '06 1:27pm PST 
I am 1 year old and i play in the garden with my little buddy spencer but lately i have started leaving the garden and mummy is worried for me, she found me over the other side of the wall tonight and there are cars there.

I tend to stay in the garden for about 4 hours then i get bored and jump over the wall and she has to get me back. I will have to try be a good girl because mummy is terrified i might get knocked down.

Spencers too little to leave the garden. In the winter we will be completely indoors again.

Mummy hopes to move to a quiet area one day where it will be safer for us.


Chill out!
Purred: Fri Jul 28, '06 2:00pm PST 
As alpha cat, I'll answer for all of us. We are really divided on this topic. I am totally an indoor cat and I raised Phoebe to stay indoors too. In my opinion there's just too much that can go wrong outside.

Murray and Christa both lived outside as strays before they were adopted and they insist on going out for a little while each day or night. I worry about them, but they tell me they know what they're doing. They do stay in the back yard or on the front porch, but I don't like it. I watch from the window as much as I can to make sure they're ok.


Momma's Boy
Purred: Sat Jul 29, '06 8:50am PST 
Pooka and I are 100% indoor....besides the trips to the vet. Our mom feels it's the best thing for us because a) We live in a city, in an apartment b)no danger of us being hit by cars! c)Can't get nasty parasites like toxoplasmosis from eating birds and mice. Our mom tries to give us lots of exercise by playing with us and we have huge windows to look out of!


Bentley - the luxury cat
Purred: Tue Sep 12, '06 8:26am PST 
our mom was talking about this just today with her co-worker. mom wants us to be inside cats for our safety, and we aren't overly keen on trying to get out, anyhow. we are fine up in our second floor home, and we can get in the windows. mom even bought royce and me a perch for the window when it gets colder and we have to close them, with no sill to sit inside.
splash and martin (my gram's kitties) are indoor kitties, too, but splash loves to be outside. she tries to escape all the time to roam the neighborhood. martin prefers the house. there is a sunporch in the new house, so they mostly hang out there. it's the best of both worlds for now, but in the winter, splash will be antsy to get out again.

Thomas~1990-- 2008~

Much Loved--Much- Missed
Purred: Tue Sep 12, '06 12:13pm PST 
Inside only!!! I have tried to get out a few times and mom freaks and runs after me. I would like to get out and hunt and play, but mom worries I will get hurt. Riley was outside till the shelter got him and so now he is scared to go out. He was pushed, hmm I mean fell, out the window one morning when I had enough little cat brother and he cried for mom to come find him and get him back in the house. We live in a ranch style house so he was fine-I got in trouble because I seemed too happy to look out the torn screen and watch mom gather him up in front of the new neighbors when she was still in her robe-hehehe. So we are inside all the time. I blame Riley.

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