Camping with a tent...anyone do it??

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Salem Keegen

Purred: Sat Jun 25, '05 12:51am PST 
my family is thinking of taking me camping...we do big family camping trips (so I've heard) and they were talking about getting me a harness and leash and taking me camping with them...any one do this?? would you recommend it or not?


Mice Tremble- When They Hear- My Name
Purred: Sun Jun 26, '05 10:37am PST 
I am an indoor kitty too. My parents own a pop up camper and I don't like to be in there. I shed ALOT when I get nervous and last time it took mommy a week's worth of vacuuming to get all my fur out of the camper. She couldn't imagine a tent.

IF your family takes you camping, they might want to consider brushing you a whole bunch before you go. Though during the day it is okay for you to be out on a harness and tether leash, at night when everyone is sleeping you might have to go potty and either the catbox will have to be in the tent with them or you are left outside. Tough choice!... my mommy recommends either waiting till you get a travel trailer type camper or just leave you at home in the comfort of your bed with toys and stuff.

It might be different for an outdoor kitty but us indoor kitties need to stay indoors for the most part.

Salem Keegen

Purred: Mon Jun 27, '05 9:40am PST 
momma told me I'm not going ...cause we are going tobe near a lake and I love Water and she is afraid I'll try to go jump in..So I'llbe staying home! ty for response tazz..

Mina (In- loving- memory)

The Queen of the- Universe
Purred: Fri Jul 29, '05 7:36pm PST 
Belle and I go camping with our humans all the time, but they have an RV.
I'm a strictly indoor cat most of the time so I really like it when Mom puts my harness on and we go for a walk through the woods, just the two of us....but don't tell her I said I like it.


I'm gonna get- you...*bounce*
Purred: Sun Aug 7, '05 6:44pm PST 
I'm going camping in September with mommy and daddy. I'm gonna be on a leash entire, time, so I don't get in trouble. But I don't mind that, I like being close to mommy and daddy. I won' be too happy being in the car, but I guess it won't be too bad if daddy holds me and lets me look around and breath a little fresh air. They could leave me at home, but I hate being away from mommy for more than a few hours. Plus, all of my shots will be done, and mommy will have my yummy food and treats and my toys, and my litter box. So I guess it won't be so bad. I'll get to cuddle up close to mommy at night and listen to birdies outside. I guess I could give it a try, at least this once.


Mommy's Handsome- Boy
Purred: Sun Aug 7, '05 9:09pm PST 
My Mom and Dad want to take me camping sometime (they have a huge 2 room tent), but they are afraid that I will shred the tent fabric. Has anyone had problems with this?

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Purred: Tue Aug 9, '05 8:04am PST 
I've never been outside myself but I had a kitty-auntie that my human grandparents used to take camping with them in the mountains. She never even had to have a leash on or anything, she'd just hang out at the campsite and then at night sleep in the camper they had. She souds like a strange one if you ask me! I'd be too scared to stay put! As for shredding the tent fabric, you might tell your humans about Soft Paws. I wear them all the time and I can scratch till my hearts content and not hurt a thing. You can check them out here http://softpaws.com/ These little caps get glued on and then fall off after a bit. I don't even notice them anymore. They bugged me at first but I got used to them pretty quick. The only thing is that you wouldn't be able to be outside unsupervised because you wouldn't be able to defend yourself properly.


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Purred: Fri Aug 12, '05 11:25am PST 
I've been camping. My mother takes me with her all the time, but we have a cabin up there now so I don't spend much time in tents. Personally, I hate tents. My mother took me camping up there when I was just a wee kitten and I hated the tent. My mother's cousin, I hate her, she tried to sleep in there with us, but I threw a fit, and some claws, and got my way. In any event, taking my mother for a walk is great fun. I get my paws dirty, roll in things I shouldn't roll in, climb trees, and attempt to drag my mother through places she is too big to get through. And, if something frightens me, my mother is right there to kick it's ass!


Just throw the- ball already!
Purred: Fri Jul 14, '06 9:35am PST 
My mommy takes me camping everytime she goes. I just have to stay on the leash. She makes a "cat run" for me with bungies and take a retractable leash and lowers it to give me plenty of room to run and attaches it to my harness. It's not for every cat though.


Born to Run &- Born to Moo Boo

Purred: Fri Jul 14, '06 11:13am PST 
Wow, all you kitties that go camping, that is so cool. Mum and Dad have a tent, that has only ever been put up in the garden, and I loved it, I was running in and out and sliding across the floor inside it and then jumping on the outside and making it collapse....it was great fun. But i've never seen the tent since that day *rolls eyes*, i think it was just another five minute wonder.

Hope you all have good fun camping this summer.

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