Boarding cats

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Landon- Dakota

Purred: Tue Oct 4, '05 8:15am PST 
Have any of you ever boarded your cats? We're going to be gone for two nights and our token "cat sitter" is coincidentally also out of town. We've never boarded our cats before...how do you feel about this?


Purred: Tue Oct 4, '05 9:57am PST 
My mom hasn't boarded us because her aunt usually comes by to feed us but her aunt has boarded her cat plenty of times. The vet that they take us to is very trustworthy and they know that we would be treated right.

My mom used to have a Jack Russell puppy that she had boarded at the vet and everything went A-OK even though it wound up being for more time that originally thought because mommy got stuck in Mexico.

As long as you have a reputable place where you trust the people, I would say go for it. Although they would be more comfortable at home, it won't be the end of the world. Have you thought about leaving them alone with plenty of food and water? Mom has done this twice but we have a water fountain and the automatic feeder (the one where it will automatically drop down). Good luck!


Empress of all- that I see!
Purred: Tue Oct 4, '05 4:44pm PST 
i've boarded Kamui many times.
i prefer it to leaving her alone just in case a fire starts or she gets ill.

kamui gets a vitamin shot from the vet a day before she boards & she takes a vitamin paste with her. i also provide the boarding place with a list of the exact foods that she eats. i don't board her anywhere where they use generic stuff.

you'll need to visit a few cat boarding places before you choose the one you're most comfortable with. they all allow inspection by appointment.
don't choose one that boards dogs as well. the dogs bark constantly & it will frazzle your cats nerves.

cats do tend to fast a little due to stress in their first few days away from you, kamui can get diarrhea, which is why she has the vitamin shot.
i try not to board her for longer than a week. cats just don't like having their routine changed that much.

even if you're only going away overnight, get your kitty boarded. it's much safer for them. it's not like they can open a door or phone someone if there's trouble when they're left alone.

Honey- (9/05/2005)

I am the- tail-less kitty- of cutness
Purred: Wed Oct 5, '05 4:02pm PST 
I was boarded many times! Mostly I stayed at my vets because it was only ten bucks a night, close to home, and mom trusted it.

Places that board dogs are not always a bad option, some have special quiet cat rooms. I once stayed at this kennel in Louisville called Dog Wood. Grandma has always boarded her dogs there and the place is extremly nice. They had a special cat room that was sound proofed (no dog barking!), and the kitty kennels were spacious and had a small window with a little perch so I could look out it.


Velvet- 1992-2008

Grimalkin Power
Purred: Fri Oct 14, '05 6:53am PST 
I know many cats are boarded and do fine but my vet said I shouldn't be boarded if at all possible. He said, for me, it is just too stressful. I won't eat, and when I do eat, I vomit a lot. Even one afternoon was too much for me.

When mommy was in college and too poor to afford to board me, she would leave me alone when she need to go out of town. The longest she left me was 4 days and 3 nights. She left me with two big bowls of food (really it was enough for about 10 days), lots of water and a clean litter box with extra litter. It was lonely but I was fine.

Now, she has her brother come over and play with us when she is gone. Now I have Marina to keep me company so I'm not so lonely. Mommy still leaves way too much food and water and we have 3 litter boxes. Mommy's brother is mostly there to make sure we are ok and have human contact every day.

There are also professional pet sitter companies that will come in up to twice a day and feed and water your cats, check the mail, water the plants, etc and it costs about the same as boarding. You have to make sure they are licensed and bonded but that could be a good option as well.


Purred: Mon Apr 3, '06 9:48pm PST 
Me and my brother Maui stay at home with a Pet Sitter and love her! She visits us twice a day and feeds us, plays with us and gives extra special attention and makes sure our box is spotless! If anybody from San Diego reads this, email us for a referral smileit costs less than baording and we're really comfortable. Make sure they are certified bonded and city licensed.

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Tue Apr 4, '06 10:44am PST 
I have been boarded and stay home.. mommsie has an alarm system set up with our neighbors so if anything happen they come right over.. I stay alone 2 nights and three days sometimes.. if I not up to par then her boards me at the vets.. Dr Andrea takes very good care of me, I get the Ritz Suite, they call it, I not like to be around other pets so I holler so loud they let me go out to the front desk with girls and then I have a kennel by myself in the special area.. Bluie

Lulu - adopted

A gorgeous kitty- with smarts too.
Purred: Thu Apr 6, '06 1:43am PST 
I was boarded for 3 weeks and I would not do it again. I didn't get sick, but the supervisor never clipped my nails. I was a kitten then and I didn't gain any weight while I was in that cat hotel.

My daddy bought me a Petmate automatic feeder and a Petmate Purrforma automatic litter box. He says it's worth the money. They haven't gone away yet but mommy checks on the machines and they have never had glitches.


Big Fat Stupid- Cat
Purred: Thu Apr 6, '06 7:05pm PST 
This Christmas the humans went away for a week and they boarded us at a place called the Feline Bed and Breakfast (in El Cerrito, CA). It was really cool! My freaky-cat sister and I shared a room the size of a walk in closet. It had a few hiding spots and perches and a big window so we could look out and see what was going on outside of the room. THey fed us our food that mom brought with her and took great care of us! Of course I would rather my humans didn't go away, but it was actually not too bad staying in the bed and breakfast! It has a vet attached, too, so that if anything were to go wrong we would be seen by the vet right away. Oh, and the humans said it is pretty cheap, at about $30 a night for the two of us! And my freaky-cat sister was even able to enjoy herself a little, too!


Baby Princess- Maggie
Purred: Wed Apr 12, '06 2:23pm PST 
2 nights isn't that long... Momma has left us for that long alone. Just make sure they give you enough food and water and a nice clean litterbox and you should be just fine!

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