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the Plush- Astromech
Purred: Thu Nov 21, '13 6:43am PST 
So my human tells me that I was "Cat of the Day" yesterday. Hah! So finally someone recognizes my awesomeness! Well, somebody who doesn't call me "Fluffbutt" or knock me on the nose every time I try to see what's on the dinner table. Seriously, what does a cat have to do to get respect around here?

Anyway! Thank you! It was really awesome getting all those gifts and things.

You know, I should really invite my cousin Pixie to join Catster, so she can see that not EVERYBODY calls me an overgrown kitten with a permanent caffeine high. She thinks she's so above it all. Hah. She's just a jealous nip-addict. Take that, Pixie!

(Author's note: Pixie - my parent's cat - comes to stay with me when my parents are out of town. She and Jules do get along, and Jules misses her when she leaves.)


If your lap is- available, I'll- be there!

Purred: Thu Nov 21, '13 11:14pm PST 
Congratulations, Jules! You're awesome!
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