Wow, it's me!

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Whatever it is,- I can break it!
Purred: Wed Mar 21, '12 9:30am PST 
It's Fluff and I got to be Cat of the Day! Don't be misled by my picture, which is a little old. I am a huge 18-lb sweetie who loves to be petted and has a sweet disposition. I just don't care to have my picture taken much, none of the cats in my family do. I am honored to be Cat of the Day. Really giant purrs to everyone on the Catster selection panel and to everyone on Catster. Now if we could only get another mouse today, my life would be perfect! big grin


If your lap is- available, I'll- be there!

Purred: Wed Mar 21, '12 6:55pm PST 
Congratulations, Fluff!
partyapplausepartyhappy dancepartyapplausepartyhappy dancepartyapplausepartyhappy dance

TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Wed Mar 21, '12 8:54pm PST 
Concatulations Fluff! way to go

dancingcheerhappy dancepartyhamster dance


another black- and white boy
Purred: Thu Mar 22, '12 5:56am PST 
Concats Fluff, have a wonderful day partypartypartypartyparty


Whatever it is,- I can break it!
Purred: Thu Mar 22, '12 9:34am PST 
It's Fluff. Well, it was me, and it was a good day. Thanks for all the presents and notes and everything from everyone! I had a good day with lots of tummy rubs and treats and sunshine. Today there is no sunshine, but I already got a tummy rub. Giant purrs to all! wave happy dance


Ramsey - The Bedroom Cat- Burglar
Purred: Thu Mar 22, '12 9:53am PST 
Woo Hoo hail Congrats Fulff way to go

Alexander,- Dreamboat- #110

I am really a- lap dog in- disguise.
Purred: Sat Mar 24, '12 2:02pm PST 
Congrats on your day....Hope that you got your special treats....partycheerpartypartyhamster dancewishes

luna moona

I am a rescuer- cat.
Purred: Wed Apr 18, '12 2:31pm PST 
how can my kitty become a cat of the day?party also congrat for your day.


Purred: Mon Apr 23, '12 5:22pm PST 
Congrats!!! applausecheerway to go


here to help
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '12 8:36pm PST 
Well fluff you finally made the big time. I may not have all that hair you have but I Do have stuff and well.. you have fluf. Fluff Congrats for now