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Paigedamnits- topit

Can we talk?
Purred: Thu Jul 3, '08 10:32am PST 
Meow!! Meow...mer-loo...meow...meowmeowmeow....meow???

*blushes to crimson because she is so excited she can't get her meow-er under control.*
red face

*Takes a deep breath like her pal Alfie told her to do.*

Whew! O.K!! Meow everypurr! wave This is, like, meow, the biggest most meow-ingly exciting thing! I'm, meow, so excited I might meow myself meow-less! Meow thank you HQ and meow thank you to all of you kitties here!

Daddy bought me my own bag of meow marshmallows to celebrate....I brought them to meow, share! Give 'em a meow, try....you'll love 'em! wink

*opens the bag for all to try*

hamster dance happy dance hamster dance happy dance hamster dance

Worlds- Coolest- Fluffy &- Alex

All kitties need- loving furever- homes!
Purred: Thu Jul 3, '08 11:30am PST 
YEAH PAIGE!! Have a wonderful reign as CATW!
Concatulations! We are thrilled to see you receive this honour!
way to go Everyfur is dancing in your honour! dancing snoopy hamster dance cheer

Teddy Bearz♥

Heaven Sent
Purred: Thu Jul 3, '08 12:32pm PST 
wave Hai Paige,
nom~nom ~nom~ nom
Marshmellow are meowy good!
I will have to get mom to buy me a bag too!
Thank you!!
happy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance


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Purred: Thu Jul 3, '08 12:56pm PST 
We are so excited that you are COTW! Way to go!! Here's what happened when we heard the news....

Munchy fell out of bed
Pookie started chasing her tail
Bosco broke open a celebratory bag of Temptations
Sunny ran up and down the stairs with excitement
Knut gave a speech in your honor
Cubby alerted the media
Tivoli bought a round of mice for everyone
Dewberry vowed to behave all week
Pixie purred herself horse
Mario promised to send kisses
And I grinned from ear to ear. party

Con-catulations, Kitten!

Briana - Little Angel- Girl

Why won't you- leave me- ALONE??!!
Purred: Thu Jul 3, '08 8:10pm PST 
Congratulations, Paige! Cat of the Week. WooHoo!!!!

Rufus - In Loving- Memory 12/17

Sweet Angel
Purred: Thu Jul 3, '08 8:10pm PST 
Enjoy your reign as Cat of the Work!!! happy dance

Bobcat - Fluffy Angel- 4/19/11

Handsome and- then some
Purred: Thu Jul 3, '08 8:11pm PST 
Cat of the Week? Good job! dancing

Jack Matthew- Cash

Trouble in a fur- coat
Purred: Thu Jul 3, '08 8:12pm PST 
Wow! Congratulations. Your brother is famous and you still managed to become Cat of the Week. hail


Momma's orange- lovebug
Purred: Thu Jul 3, '08 8:13pm PST 
Cat of the Week!!! I'm so happy for you! hamster dance

Queenie ~- Sweet Angel

~ With my Julesy- now ~
Purred: Thu Jul 3, '08 11:05pm PST 
Oh Paige sweetie pie!!! We are just THRILLED for you!! *Queenie does a happy dance, giggling*

Oooh and marshies?! YUM!! Thanks sweetheart! *she takes a big pink fluffy marshmallow and nibbles delicately*

happy dance We luv you!

Queenie, Snowy, Toby, Rosie & the 4 kits

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