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Hi, fellow Catster peeps. Not new to Catster, but new to the forums. My DH and I have 7 beautiful kitties, whom we love dearly. Of course, we love all things "cat". I'm not the most patient person in the world but here's the latest thing that puts me in an angry mood. There is a new commercial for Anthony and Sylvan Pool's "Stop Not Having a Pool" ad campaign. Please note that it implies--nay, not "implies", but pointedly says--that cat lovers have no lives. Has anyone else gotten miffed at this? I've gone to their FB page and left a comment. Told the story on my FB page and commented on the YouTube page. But if I get some of you behind me, maybe we can get this ad canned! Thanks!


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People who aren't fortunate enough to experience the joy of living with & loving cats don't know what they are missing. Science has even proven that the purr of a cat is good for a human's circulatory system and people who own cats on the average live 7 years longer than people who do not own cats.

I personally hate commercials, cartoons, etc, that advocate or make a joke out of cruelty to a cat or any other animal.