Treat jar warning

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Purred: Tue Feb 26, '13 8:35pm PST 
My cat nearly died by sticking her head in a hard plastic cat treat jar. If I would not have been home to witness this absolutely insane event Molly would have died of lack of oxygen. She could not breath, and the treat jar was almost suctioned to her head. I first had to use cutco siccors to cut a hole for her to breath. After 10 minutes she was able to catch her breath and relax a little so I was able to twist the jar off her head. Long story short my baby truly almost died playing with her treat jar due to my ignorance. I just want everyone to be a ware of such dangers and I did not know where to post


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That is really scary. Thank you for the warning. I know someone whose puppy died kind of like this. They had used the bottom of a two liter pepsi container as a water bowl and the dog got it stuck on his head and they came home and found him. It was awful. They felt awful. So sad. cry