New England Pet Expo in Wilmington, Ma, 9/15/2012

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Whether it’s Roxie and Xander, adopted from
St. Louis Boxer Rescue, or Enzo, the resident wild child,
wet noses and wagging tails are typically in abundance
at work. This isn’t just another show to our staff - this is
the realization of a dream to help make a difference
in communities across the country. We also know that
each community has unique needs and we are always
looking for feedback and input from participants and at-
tendees alike! Our contact information is below, please
feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you
think, good or bad. This isn’t just our show - it’s YOUR
show too!
THANK YOU for attending the show! We hope
that you enjoy your visit with us and leave the Expo
feeling as if you’ve had an educational and inspirational
6421 Hampton Avenue • St. Louis, MO 63109-3610
P: 314.481.7342 • P: 800.977.3609 • F: 314.481.6701
info WELCOME to the 2012 New England Pet Expo
at the beautiful Aleppo Shriners Auditorium!
Our goal with this Expo is to educate and inspire
the Austin pet community. So many pet owners don’t
realize just how many resources are available to them
locally or have information about the numerous ways
that the non-profit community needs our support.
During today’s show hours, of 10AM to 6PM,
you’ll have an opportunity to discover wonderful resourc-
es for the benefit of our furry and feathered friends;
from adoption to agility and training to supplies, more
than 150 reputable organizations and companies are
available to provide you with the tools and information
that you need as a pet owner.
In addition, please check out the variety of non-
profit organizations, here in New England, which are
in desperate need of recognition, donations, volunteers,
and - most importantly - loving and committed homes
for some deserving animals.
You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t miss
featured presentations on the Entertainment Stage,
and Agility Course! From obedience demonstrations to
a costume contest and pet first aid tips to volunteer op-
portunities and breed specific legislation, you’ll be sure
to find something that interests you.
Amazing Pet Expos, producers of the 2012
Austin Pet Expo, is a St. Louis-based (MO) company
with a staff of passionate animal lovers. On any given