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Amazing Grace
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '12 9:39am PST 
When I Am An Old Cat

When I Am An Old Cat I shall wear
a diamond collar and leave my footprints
on white couches; I shall drink my cream with
a touch of brandy and spit out my vitamins;
I shall sit on the laps of dog people
just to irritate them; I shall nap on top of the
neighbor's petunias and perch on top of
birdbaths and grow charmingly chubby. But for now I must tolerate the dog
and use my litter box and not sharpen
my claws on the sofa, so no one can doubt
the truth that cats are superior to dogs.
But every once in a while I wonder
if I should be naughty now and then
and nip a few toes, so my humans
won't be too shocked when suddenly
I become an old cat and
start to wear a diamond collar.
Author Unknown


I may meow to- you if you're- worthy
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '12 12:32pm PST 


here to help
Purred: Wed Apr 25, '12 7:08pm PST 
Hey I'm 15. Am I an old cat? Let's check. Well being a Cornish Rex makes me a pure bred which only means I've got history. While Siamese usually die at around 8. Cornish Rex can live well in their 20's. But so have a lot of domestic short and long haired cats. In fact the longest living cat in recorded his was your basic house cat. Am I an old cat? I'm old if I have been tortured or abused. I'm old if I have never been shown love or kindness. I'm old if I am a laboratory subject. I will never be old if I'm kept young by good food, shelter and true love and kindness. I am a cat and when treated with respect will forever be young

Natalie the- Natcat,- Forever

Show some- respect,- youngster!
Purred: Thu Apr 26, '12 11:31am PST 
When I am an old cat...wait....thats 'Elderwise', right? I am Elderwise...I've danced in the night on my toes and yowled and let fly with the 'pahs' and 'sssssshssss' when irritated....
I have never met a Rex....doesn't that mean King? And I have met many many elderwise Siamese cats who are older than 8, and who are royal too...with and without diamond collars...

I have enjoyed the poem....

it makes a glint come into my eye, and my mouth turn up at the corners with a tiny smile.


here to help
Purred: Fri Apr 27, '12 6:50pm PST 
How old is an old cat? Pet food manufacturers say they need a diet change at seven. Your Cats vet suggest more frequent check ups at ten. At twelve some owners try to ignore them thinking they're going to die soon and vet visits will be a waste of money. But ask a cat and they will have no idea what you're talking about.