Contest To win a donation of 10 toys to a rescue

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Jefferson--A- dopted! :)

Purred: Mon Sep 12, '11 1:29pm PST 
Hey Catsters, I am running a contest through a facebook page to send a donation of 10 kitty toys to a rescue/shelter/sanctuary in need.

I make dog tug toys and I got tired of throwing away fleece scraps--i don't like to waste too much. I noticed an old catnip toy was pretty dead looking so i decided to make something similar but stuff it with my fleece scraps and catnip--i called my quick creation a Kitty Kick-Bag. My cats went CRAZY for it! They are pretty inexpensive (i'm only buying fabric and catnip) so i decided that I would do a sell one, give one program (I need to sell some to be able to continue to donate some since i have to buy some materials).

KItty Kick-Bag

Jefferson with a KItty Kick-Bag

Well, I sold one set of 10 toys so I'm holding a contest to donate a set of 10 toys to a shelter or rescue.

To enter you should go to my Tugs by Tena Contest page on Facebook (you must be a facebook member to participate). Follow the directions on that page... you must "like" Tugs by Tena AND click the "I did that" button on the contest page... then you need to nominate a shelter/rescue by commenting on the "TIME FOR A CONTEST" wall photo then go back to the contest page and click the "I did that" button.

Be sure to read the rules listed on the contest page. Although this is open to anyone (where it's legal), the shelter/rescue MUST have a U.S. mailing address.

Feel free to share the contest on facebook and get support from other people in your organization to submit entries.

It's not much, but it's something little to make the life of shelter/rescue kitties a little bit more exciting!

(I THINK sharing information about a contest is allowed on Catster, but if not feel free to remove it... there is no purchase necessary to win).