introducing new dog to cat

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My mom is a writer for The Humane Society of the United States (check out her latest cat story on multi-cat households Hey You, Get Off of My Cloud)
She is now working on a story about how to introduce a new dog to resident cats and would like to interview owners who have been through this experience - how they found a cat-friendly dog, how they did the introductions, how the cat reacted, problems, solutions, etc. If you would be interested in participating, please pawmail me and my mom will get in touch with you. Or you can contact her at work at acohen@humanesociety.org. Headbonks and thanks!

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This is Jellybean's human sister Victoria. smile Unfortunately I have a not so great story from personal experience. My parents are really the cat people around here. DX
I've wanted a dog forever, but have never been allowed because Jellybean cannot stand other animals whatsoever. A couple of weekends ago, my friend came over for a visit and brought his GSD Sarah. Sarah is called Sweetie. She is my friend's guide dog, so naturally she is well behaved in any situation. Therefore, my family and I wern't worried about her around Jellybean. Sweetie came over and just lay down most of the time and minded her own business, but I guess it upset Jellybean that Sweetie was getting all the lovin, so we went out for a day and came back at night, I went to feed Jellybean, and she did not touch a single kibble. Therefore, I think a lot of times, you need to flip the coin and train the cat to accept a dog. With puppies, they just wanna play. They have no intention of hurting the cat. With them, it's a matter of training them how to play nicely. For me, flipping the coin can be more challenging.

hope this helps

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I think it depends. If you get a puppy, then it depends on the temperament of the cat. That's how my situation was. I had Hanna, a 9 year old DSH, queen of the house. She was brought up with a dog though, Reilly. However, he passed away. My family needed a dog. I introduced Teaka, a 2lb. brown and black fur ball aka Yorkshire Terrier. Teaka was always in the living room, in a playpen for safety since she was so small. Hanna would just sit in the hallway with this "This is MY house" attitude. Slowly we let Teaka out to roam the house. Always supervised. Hanna would hiss at Teaka. Then we put Teaka back in her playpen. We did this a few times a day. Sometimes Teaka would get overly rambunctious and Hanna would swat her. We continued the introductions daily and let Teaka and Hanna roam around together. Each day we let Teaka out longer and longer until they were fine together. Unfortunately Hanna passed away 6 months after I got Teaka. Then I introduced Hunter.

So I've introduced a puppy to a cat, and a kitten to a puppy. Haven't introduced an older dog to a mature cat though. I'm sure that would definitely be a bit more interesting to say the least. I opted for the easy way out. smile

Good Luck with your article!