Anyone need a cleaner?

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Purred: Tue Aug 23, '11 1:04pm PST 
Check this out.
They seem very thorough
anyone need a cleaner?

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Tink the Cat

Never met a- mouse I didn\'t- bat!
Purred: Tue Aug 23, '11 2:44pm PST 
Pawsitively, irresistably, adorably CUTE!!! MOL!! Our big laugh for the day!! Thanks!! Luv, Tinkkittylaugh out loud

Tink the Cat

Never met a- mouse I didn\'t- bat!
Purred: Tue Aug 23, '11 5:28pm PST 
Also sent it to a bunch of furriends!!! Thanks for sharing this!big laugh

Jill- Teagarden

Furrever Homes- Rock!!!
Purred: Wed Aug 24, '11 6:50am PST 
TOOOO FUNNY!!!! Thanks for sharing, and I will share this with friends. He looks so serious when he is "cleaning" too.

Perhaps his human needs to get him some little rubber gloves so he can REALLY clean.

The New Orleans Kittiesbig laugh


Growing up with - TORTITUDE
Purred: Wed Aug 24, '11 10:57pm PST 

Thanks for sharing that Sam.

Those kitties must burn alot of calories with all their cleaning!


Grouchy cats- need luv too!!
Purred: Thu Aug 25, '11 7:02pm PST 
I'll take ten of them !! Soooo cute! Thanks for sharing! laugh out loud