Jellybean's August adventure

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Purred: Wed Jul 27, '11 3:43pm PST 
August is gonna be a very crazy month in our household. Jellybean and human Sister will be MIA from catster and dogster for a few weeks. This is what will be on Jellybean's calendar. smile

August 6, Uncle Danny and Auntie Maria and their dog Sarah will come over first thing in the morning. From then Mom, Dad, and Sister will leave with them to go to a friend's cottage. Uncle Danny and Auntie Maria are great, but Jellybean is not looking forward to sharing anybody with Sarah. DX
August 8-12, Mom and Dad are getting all the yucky carpet ripped out of the house and installing hardwood floors. Yea, much to Sister's relief. smile
August 14-21, Mom and Sister are going away for Sister's singing competition. This is something Jellybean is not happy about. frown Dad is OK, but he is no fun, always sitting in that darn old office of his where Jellybean is not allowed to hang out. Mom really does not wanna go go on the trip. Being away from Jellybean is the worst thing ever, but they need extra helpers that week, so Mom has no choice. Jellybean knows that, but the point is, she and Sister are both leaving Jellybean at the same time which adds insult to injury. For this, she will be leaving a nice surprise on Mom's brand new floors. laugh out loud
August 27, Mom and Dad have to go to a wedding while Sister goes to church with her friends for a performance. Workmen may come back that week to redecorate Jellybean's playroom if they can't get to it on the week of the 8th.