Book topic: 50 Reasons to Love a cat

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Hi, my name is Gabriela. I have 2 cats, Kitty and Gabe. I am in the process of creating a publishing company with my dad and Fiance and our first book is going to be titled "50 Reasons to Love a Cat". I have 50+ reasons of my own to love a cat, but we are looking for outside opinions. If you have your own why you love your cat, please respond. The 50 best answer's will be published given your consent. Thanks! Can't wait to read responses.
My reason to love cats: The company/companionship. My cats follow me everywhere, and I love it! If I am painting at the table, I have a chair right next to me so my little cat can feel close. If I am sleeping, both cats are tucked in between my fiance and I. It is the best feeling in the world to have such a cute companion who loves spending time with you.