How to say your mad when they just to funny!?!

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Black Thorne

Its my bed, and- ill kick you off- >.< XD
Purred: Wed Jun 8, '11 5:36pm PST 
Ok i'm not sure where this post should go but idk i'll just post it here.

Cats you got to love them they do something naughty and funny. So your trying to get him/her to understand that what they did was bad but at the very same time your trying not to laughsilenced because it just to funny!

OH then (example) Thorne does something naughty and then hes all "I'm cute" aka (cute pose!) and it works!shrugshrug

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Wed Jun 8, '11 9:30pm PST 
Sounds like Black Thorne has trained you well. wink


Backflips are my- specialty!
Purred: Thu Jun 9, '11 7:09pm PST 
My mom gets mad at me quite often because I am a little brat and want constant attention. BUT I am as cute as the dickens and know how to bat my eyelashes, nuzzle her, purr in her ear, kissy kissy her, etc. She cannot stay mad at me. I see to that. She'll sometimes cover her mouth and shut her eyes, I can see her laughing under her breath. She doesn't fool me. She's MINE!!! laugh out loud

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Fri Jun 10, '11 5:51am PST 
Mom gets mad at me often cuz I'm just crazy, and usually shes pretty good about staying mad. She doesn't laugh or smile. She puts me in time out or mom leaves for work, or she goes in another room. Thats when she laughs. When my mom means business, she means business! Shes really good about holding a grudge too. Thats when I turn on my sexy mancat-ness, headbutts, microdermabrasions, licks, wanting to be picked up etc. Works like a charm! smile


Top 25 Winner- Region 1- 2011-2012
Purred: Fri Jun 10, '11 3:50pm PST 
We gets feddy at 7am, when mommy gets up for workey, Mon thru Sat, so...... we expects to be feddy at that same time on Sun morn too. Mommy likes to sleepy in, on her one day off. Why should we goes hungry, cause mommy wants to sleepy in, that ain't our problem.

We send Prowler in firsty, he stands on her, and meows, meows, meows. She tells all the bears on the beddy, to attack him, he is such a pussy cat, he goes back to beddy. So we sends in the big gun, the big Bump. He battys her face, then pulls her hair, with his teeth, that always works, she gets up and feedys us.

But we knows, she thinks that is kinda cool, how we got a plan of action, mol. laugh out loud wave way to go