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Purred: Sun May 22, '11 6:17pm PST 
Here are some other trees that we saw on the show:

Fantasy Trees
(seen in episode 102, "Fifi's ruining my Love Life")

These trees are super cool and look more like real trees. However Mommy would be afraid that I would be chewing and tearing apart those leaves. Expensive but neat.

Mountain Cat Trees

On this site they describe Jackson Galaxy as a person behavorist and that there could be a different title:

"One initially interesting thing about this series is the title, My Cat From Hell. That is very catchy and commercial but it is incorrect, isn't it? From the cat's perspective (and that is the whole idea behind the programme) it is "My Person From Hell"! The animal behaviourist is actual a person behaviorist. Almost everything that Jackson does is about modifying how the cat owner relates to their cat. Changes in behavior are changes in the behavior of the person(s). This is obvious because the cat lives in our world and responds to what we do. Their behavior is reactive not proactive.


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Felix - In Loving- Memory

Felix the Lap- Cat
Purred: Sun May 22, '11 6:44pm PST 
Thanks for posting the link to Jackson Galaxy's website - will definitely check it out.

I also noticed how dirty the litter box was in that second story and kept expecting Jackson to say something about it. Felix wouldn't stand for that - he's very finicky about his box being clean. I also was fascinated with that black light and was amazed that Duff's owners apparently weren't aware that he had been urinating on their bed! And yes - Jackson sticking his hand in the litter box was pretty disgusting!

I hope Animal Planet renews the show - they need more shows about cats.

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Mon May 23, '11 5:43am PST 
I watched a couple of episdoes with mom on Saturday night. Honestly, mom wasn't too impressed. First of all, the only thing mom really learned was not to hold me with my belly floof facing the ceiling. That, and to buy a black light. All the other problems, mom learned from the internet, she already knew the answer, or from catster. Mom knew about the slow blink thing, she does that to me all the time.

About that round litter box. Okay, who in their right mind would buy one that you have to roll to get the poopies out??? Ewwwww. Oh and another thing, If you knew you were going to be on tv, wouldn't you clean it out? It is a cat show after all. Some people are just nasty.

Mom did like the episode about Minibar, and she felt happy that the owner was able to pet her at the end. Another thing mom doesn't like is the title of the show. She thinks it gives people a negative idea towards cats. Its not our fault we act out, its stupid humans.

Anyway, that is moms idea on the show, not one of her favorites, and she really didn't learn much. She doesn't think Jackson did much either, he just told what the owners to do, and they did it, and yet they thanked him at the end.

Oh well.

On a more personal note: I thought Minibar was cute. I'd definately sniff her. wink

♥- Tasha- ♥

Cat; I'm a kitty- cat!
Purred: Mon May 23, '11 6:28am PST 
Hi Hunter wave

I think you miss a huge point~ most people are not on Catster. Most people don't bother to look stuff up on the internet about their cat~ they just dump it in the shelter if there is a problem. Most people however do watch TV and might find the title interesting enough to watch.

People keep asking me if I have seen the show; so his message is getting out there, and that is a good thing. I support any show that teaches people how to better understand their cat.

As for the litter box, I don't even like the one he recommended~ for all the space it takes up, the litter box part of it is really small.

As for cleaning out the box because people will be on TV~ I honestly think that is a snapshot of how people keep litter boxes everywhere, and that is why I think he missed a huge opportunity point out how wrong it was.


Al Hirt

A Jazzy New- Orleans Kitty
Purred: Mon May 23, '11 6:44am PST 
Tasha: You make an excellent point. I enjoy CATSTER so much, not only for the information, but the friends I have made. Have even gotten to meet three other CATSTER moms and they met my cats as well. At least these people are asking for help, rather then dumping the cat at a shelter. But, the first show, where the people had gotten a Sphynx cat after they lost their other cat. Obviously they knew nothing of the Sphynx's personality, how active it is. Johnson was able to make them understand they must work with the cat's personality, not assume it will be like their prevous cat. One comment.....NO WAY could I live in a house with such large snakes......UGH!! This man must not have watched the Animal Planet program where they showed how many owners of these constrictors had been attacked and nearly killed by their snakes.

I think the name was chosen to get people's attention.

How long has this program been on Animal Planet? Just noticed it Saturday a week ago. Hope there are more episodes, even if they are reruns. Certainly they rerun "River Monsters" over and over.

The New Orleans Kitties

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Mon May 23, '11 7:45am PST 
Hi Tasha wave

I guess you're right. I just assume people would be proactive and learn about getting a cat before adopting one from a shelter or buying one from a breeder. If I had a serious problem with Hunter, I'd do research myself and see what I could do, join groups, forums, and ask my vet. It seems as though these people almost could care less, wonder why their cat is acting out, and instead of being the proactive parent, they need the help of a 'professional' which I don't even think is the right word for him.

I'm not saying its a bad show, as I did learn a few things. I sort of feel as though the show was thrown together. Yes, the families have serious problems with their cats, that I won't argue with. My main issue I guess, is that he just tells the parents/families what to do, what to buy etc and it seems to "magically" solve their problem. He gets paid for that?!?! Seriously, if that is the case, I could do that, and be called a 'cat behaviorist'.

I know there are millions of families out there who aren't in tune to their cats as we are on catster, and that is okay. For them, the show is probably great. Its just not for me. However, the show "its me or the dog" is a show I enjoy. I'm not as focused on my dog, and the show actually teaches me a thing or two.

I'm not saying I know everything there is to know about cats and their behavior, I just think that if someone has a problem, be proactive, do the research and learn before you go and have some stranger saying " do this, and buy that". But then again, maybe most people want the easy way out of their problems.

Everyone has their own opinion, and I'm just saying, the show isn't one of my favorites.

Hobert von- Kingston III

Is it Caturday- yet?
Purred: Mon May 23, '11 8:00am PST 
Anyone else noticed that with the Dog Whisperer/It's Me or the Dog pretty much every problem can be solved with exercise and on My Cat from Hell pretty much every problem can be solved with a cat tree? kitty

It's made me think though, our friend's ought to be on this show, their cat Colonel is really scary. You can't walk around without getting your leg clawed off. Buuuut, I realized they have zero vertical space for him, and he is an indoor only kitty, so he's probably very stressed and insecure if he's acting like this. I'm thinking about asking them if they'd like one of our extra trees.

Finnegan (Finney)

I am a- CARNIVORE! Not a- Cornivore!
Purred: Mon May 23, '11 8:25am PST 
I will say this, my ex boyfriend (still friends) didn't know a thing about cats when we got together 9 years ago. He kept treating and playing with Alex like she was a dog. I had to correct him and tell him "NO" don't do that! He learned quickly and grew to love her incredibly. Cried for weeks when she died. Now we're still friends and he loves Finney and Lacey and knows better. He had no idea at all how to treat, hold, pet and play with a cat. And he was never going to research that. Not everyone is as vigilant and good as we all are big grin. PROPS to us Catsters! way to go

I do love that show "it's me or the dog" the most though. I think Victoria really knows her stuff and a lot of that can apply to cats as well! And I think if Victoria were doing cats, she never would have stuck her bare fingers in the litter box! I know, get off it already. I promise, I will. Just so revolting. And most kitties don't like a hooded litter box.

I don't know, I guess we'll see how far this show goes. But I'd watch it again for awhile. I think the reason they always only start out with a few shows is to see how well received it is before investing more money. I bet it'll be back.

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Mon May 23, '11 10:04am PST 
I will say this about the show though, now that I've thought about it for a while. It makes me really happy that Hunter is very well behaved and friendly towards people. If he acted like those cats on the show, he would be in one major time out session!! laugh out loud


I look so- innocent when- I'm sleeping.
Purred: Mon May 23, '11 10:51am PST 
Hunter - I thought the same thing about the litter boxes! Why would you not clean them before the tv crew came over! Even if you don't regularly clean them out, wouldn't you make an exception for that one day?

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