Unusual cat names?

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Mister Grey- (Striped- Seven)

TICA M.S. (HHP- Champion)
Purred: Mon Apr 16, '12 4:05pm PST 
It depends what you consider unusual!


here to help
Purred: Wed Apr 18, '12 4:24pm PST 
my cats: 2long hair all whites mortimer and elizabeth all black male: blackie tortishell long hair: musty female siamese: ritzi one eyed rescue: uno declawed male who grew his claws back: zorro


Purred: Wed Apr 18, '12 7:48pm PST 
Good point Gray!

I would say "unusual name" means the same thing for cats and humans. Does the name look or sound weird to you? Is it a name you rarely or never heard? I am pretty sure not many other cats have the names Emily, Patricia, and Wilbur. I know Emily is a common name for the two-legged type, but for a cat, it sounds unusual to me because I rarely read about other cats named Emily.

But if you want to be REALLY weird avoid naming a cat after something that is the same color altogether - meaning don't just say, "I never heard of a black cat named Coffee," and name the cat Coffee. Instead, call the cat Starbucks - if you get your coffee there, of course. That is my idea of a weird cat name. BTW I never heard of a cat named Coffee myself, but heard someone say she has two black cats named Espresso and Cappuchino.

If I ever get the chance to foster a pregnant queen, I will give her a name I can base every kitten's name on - for example, call her Candy and the kittens Hershey, Godiva, Nestle, etc. Certainly others will agree that would be sweet like the cats are.

D-Max...In- Loving- Memory

One Eyed Wonder
Purred: Thu Apr 19, '12 3:19pm PST 
My name is D-Max...I am an angel watching over Mom...I was and still am a purebred Bombay (color totally black)....

Here is how Mom told me I got my name....

While driving to meet our new baby we discussed what we would name him...Many names came up but not just the right name...My daughter asked the question what is black in photography (my husband was a dark room photography processing guy)...Pure black is Density Maximum ...D-Max for short...Thus the name D-Max...

My brofur and litter mate is Midnight Son...our first human Mom gave him his name....

Mister Grey- (Striped- Seven)

TICA M.S. (HHP- Champion)
Purred: Fri Apr 20, '12 6:40pm PST 
Mr Grey is not named for his color, he's actually named after a character from a Stephen King book and that character is named for the type of aliens they call "Grays". I named him that because when he was a kitten he was the smallest runt in the litter, very tiny, but with large wide eyes (huge eyes is a feature of the type of aliens they call "Grays").


Purred: Sat Apr 21, '12 6:20pm PST 
My name is O'Kneel. The people who rescued me from the feral colony I was born in named me that because I was born with radial hypoplasia--my radius bones didn't fully develop so I sort of walk on my front "knees".

Egon &- Astrid

Life is made for- loving.
Purred: Sun Apr 22, '12 9:28am PST 
From two stray cats (Who we named Yuffie and Setzer) we had a litter of three kittens. At the time we were catching up on Fringe and wanted to name the little guy Walter, since Walter always came through. Unfortunately, our Walter didn't. The second boy was named Egon, because we clearly needed "smart people" names- Egon, from Ghost Busters! After Walter passed, we decided that the female should be Astrid, Walter's assistant, who is quite possibly the cutest actress ever.

So we have Egon, who is an enormous, manly tomcat with a crick in his tail, a very bored expression, and oodles of affection. His whiskers are straight, his coat is thick and it is dilute orange mask-and-mantle tabby with white. He is a smart boy, and he definitely has the propensity to put on a large amount of weight onto his already big frame (Kind of like Harold Ramis ;D)

And we have Astrid, who is TEENY WEENY compared to Egon. She is light as a feather, and has a tiny built, except for her wide hips. Her whiskers are crazy, she is also a dilute, but a calico, mostly gray and white with patches of orange, and lovely facial markings (A little gray goatee, a white mustache, and an orange masquerade mask) I guess she's small, cute, and has crazy hair, like Jasika Nicole.

I'm in Ontario, near Ottawa =)

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