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Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Mon Jun 28, '10 6:25am PST 
Its a miracle!! Hunter willingly played with his moppy kickeroo last night. dancing I heard him attack it, and do his lil bunny kicks. I didn't dare get up and turn the light on. I'm so proud. I think he likes the "crinkly" sound it makes. Finally, a toy he plays with! Maybe I should buy another one... you know as a 'backup'. laugh out loud


Purred: Fri Aug 6, '10 10:57am PST 
A cardboard box is always the best smile

wesley- alexis gold

i'm highly- reflective!
Purred: Fri Aug 6, '10 7:39pm PST 
thanks for this thread-and keep 'em coming, please? we're going to have to move very soon, and i'm thinking new irresistable toys will help our 3 settle in and help us with stress as well. have to go to petco. soon to get new carriers for the move anyway, and to replace da abused Bird. anything new out there that anyone has gotten their paws on?

♥- Tasha- ♥

Cat; I'm a kitty- cat!
Purred: Sat Aug 7, '10 5:41am PST 
For Tasha & TT's birthday, I got them "Undercover Mouse". I had always wanted to get it for them, but it was $30.00 shock And I did not want to spend that much and then have them decide that they did not want to play with it kitty

Well, Petsmart put it on clearance for $15.00~ so we got one. They love it! I bought rechargeable batteries for it because it does burn through the batteries quickly. Their birthday was June 12, and as I am typing, TT is playing with it right now happy dance

kaya skye

not fighting my- demons-we joined- forces
Purred: Sat Aug 7, '10 12:16pm PST 
i've thought about Undercover Mouse...fairly sure the younger two would go wild for it, pretty sure kaya would like it too, and it would help maybe get rid of her bit o' pudge. it's just that kaya and wes both like to pick up and carry away any favorite toys they can get their jaws around...i have a vision of UM tug of war, of one of them picking it up and getting WHACKED in the eye by the mouse, of...when you have strange cats, you have strange anxieties. especially when you have OCD.

look, we just got over the whole: wesley swallowed a polished rock deal...guess how we found out? (it was a gold heart, and yes, that's how he got his last name) when kaya was a kitten she ate a penny-found that out when she threw it up. i can't retell her kittenhood here (and beyond) or delve into wes that much, but trust me. they are FREAKS. and there's jadyn to consider, the problem with safety there is she's so teeny her paws will go places you don't think they will-between grilles of things, etc.

so pardon my paranoid visions...if i see UM on sale i'll grab it. i would like to get something that would get them moving. be great if they'd play together, wes is a recent addition and he and jadyn play-well, he's from a later litter, same momcat-but he and kaya play very little. and it's weird, it seems to be because he won't take her up on it. she's stopped running up and growling and slapping, that was months ago. these days she'll run up all tigger play bouncy and 'tag' him, then slowly bounce away...he just crouches there, looking like a bewildered grey bunny. while jadyn can dash up and WHAP him and he's off.
i seriously do think it makes kaya, if not sad, certainly confused and unsettled. it's just different worlds. none of them are 'normal'. she was a hoarder's kitten, removed from his home by his brother with her siblings...about two dozen kittens were growing up together with no adult cat context, because removing the kittens from his brother's house was the biggest thing he could immediately do. but they weren't weaned yet, and they weren't socialized, and kaya and her sis shyloh were some more strange when we got them-not to mention malnourished and flearidden. there were some cat things we had to teach them. they had no human fear, but they had no human focus. we were part of the furniture.
then we have wesley, the more classic sort of feral. walked into the house at about five months of age. long story. all i'm saying is, they don't speak each others body languages or tell each others...tails.

and i think if they could play together-which they won't do when i have a wand toy, Bast knows why-it could help. i suspect the inhibiting factor is me.

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

Master of- Disaster!
Purred: Thu Aug 12, '10 9:55am PST 
I recently bought Hunter a "feather flyer" its like DaBird, but cheaper(at least the replacement feathers are cheaper). OMG he LOVES it!!! It has to be his all time favorite toy. Only problem is, I have to swing it around for him to use it. Anyway, its a wand with a string on it, and the string has 2 long colored feathers on the end, which are replaceable! I swing it in the air and the feathers twist and turn, drives Hunter CRAZY!! He jumps and jumps and jumps. Never knew he could jump that high! I mean it completely wears him out, to the point where he has to lay on the floor and pants like a dog!! laugh out loud That is his signal telling me to stop.

Its so funny when he catches the feathers, hes off! I drop the wand, and Hunter brings the feathers, wand and all to his tunnel to inspect them. When he has the feathers in his mouth, he growls at the dog to say "Back off, these are mine!" So funny!!! I highly recommend this toy, definately have to watch the little ones with it, as Hunter would eat the feathers if he could. big grin

(Bought the toy at an individually owned pet store, paid $6.99. Saw the refills at Petco for $4.99.)


I still suck my- thumb...
Purred: Sat Aug 14, '10 1:08pm PST 
OK...I KNOW I sound like a broken record here with MEWVIES...but I bought them for Felix, and they've continued to entertain Coop. These things are really fun for cats. Tried and tested.

And right now, you get a cost-break AND the proceeds go to Blind Cat Sanctuary. (That's a furry special shelter in our hearts, as Coopie is actually partially blind in one eye.)

Purrsonally...I'd recommend Backyard Buffet. They have the biggest variety of "scenes." the other ones are a bit of a re-hash.

Check it out. Scroll the page below.


Coop and I are ALL ABOUT toys...but when you get them something that actually benefits another kitty...all the better. If you're going to try this, now's the best time. And make sure you enter the code to make the donation. Think of it as Christmas with Toys for Tots.

Keep in mind...Best Friends...The Humane Society...and a lot of other really good animal rescue groups have toys for purchase on their sites.
Coop's Mom...and Coop, who's actually watching his Mewvie! LOL

Fee Verte

Purred: Sat Sep 4, '10 5:39pm PST 
Meow Mommi bought meow a turbo star chaser a while ago and I hav long lost interest in it... will swat z ball only when Mommi or Sis iz playin wit me.

I also hav a cuckoo clock toy that I play wit occasionally.

Meow hav many many mouse and ball toys... I even play wit my Sis's "bakugan"... Mommi watches me while I play it (I don't bite it, only likes to play "soccer" wit it.

Meow also really really like my sis's many many "Hexbugs (nano)"... Now those hexbugs are very very cool and keeps me entertained a longgg longgg time. way to go

Today, mommy bought meow a Kitty-Go-Krazy, 2 more mousey toyz and a giant feather wand. Love the wand and 1 of the mouse toy... but was ascared of z Kitty-Go-Krazy's ball that "speaks" & "Meow"... z noise is wayyy too loud. Hrmph! But z spring wand part and z ball o' bells are OK.

Hmmmm... to add...

Meow also play wit paper bags and gift bags. Cardboard boxes are real cool too. Plus also a bug buzzin around a clear plastic container keeps me interested furr a long longgg time.

Okie, meooow ooout!kitty


I still suck my- thumb...
Purred: Sun Sep 5, '10 1:32pm PST 
I couldn't agree more on the Turbo Track. I really thought that Coop would get into it -- he was a kitten when I bought it for him. And he just...didn't...want it! frown

I did buy him a new stash of toys for his birthday next month -- a new kickeroo, a Bannana and a few other things -- so I'll be sure to check in and report.

And thanks to everyone for really keeping this thread going! We're having a lot of fun and getting some really good ideas here!
Coop and Coop's Mom


I\'M HAVING- FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Purred: Mon Sep 6, '10 4:04pm PST 
Don't know if you'd go for this but kittens love it.

Turn an medium flower pot upside down. Stick an old fashioned pinwheel in the drainage hole. Place the thing where there's a draft (or blow on it yourself). Most kittens will go bonkers for it.

You have to be sure to watch out; they might upset the flower pot or something. (You could stick the pinwheel in some floral foam, instead or into a hold punched in a sturdy box.)

laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

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