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Grey as a Shadow
Purred: Thu Jun 25, '09 11:41am PST 
I would like Moonfur and Patchpelt to go on a hunting patrol.


Silver Blue
Purred: Thu Jun 25, '09 7:20pm PST 
Okay, Boulderstar.
*Patchpelt and Moonfur depart camp*
*Spots small mouse*
*Pounces on mouse*
Even the tiniest mouse can provide as a life saving morsel for a cat. Prey is very scarce, the canyon is almost sucked dry of prey.
*Patchpelt nods*
*Patchpelt spots fat owl*
Patchpelt-That could feed like-5 cats!


With the Heart- of a Flower
Purred: Sat Jun 27, '09 9:08am PST 
*Runs as fast as can and flips into air*
*Claws owl*
*Owl stumbles down*
*Moonfur finishes off owl with one mighty blow*


Grey as a shadow
Purred: Tue Jun 30, '09 4:01pm PST 
Chiko is just trying to help people...


With the heart- of a flower
Purred: Wed Jul 1, '09 6:45am PST 
*Pounces on bird*

Catster HQ

Purred: Wed Jul 1, '09 3:02pm PST 

We have closed this thread. Threads can be closed temporarily or permanently for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are: the thread has gone off topic; the thread is not in the 'spirit' of Catster; the thread is no longer fun, friendly or informational; the thread has been discussed at length in other threads; or we cannot provide adequate moderation at this time.

Please let HQ know if you have any questions.


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