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I do not recommend the CatIt drinking fountain

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Mr. Whiskers,- you're in- charge!
Purred: Mon Mar 26, '07 7:02pm PST 
Hello, this is my first post ever and I just wanted to share my experience with the CatIt drinking fountain. When you see it and first set it up, it seems like a great invention. The website boasts: "Re-circulating water with greater exposure to oxygen provides fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water for pets with a multitude of health benefits."

But in all actuality, it has quite a labor intensive upkeep and it's water reservoir actually retains dirt and food particles so the water is not actually that clean. Also, the water runs out quite fast and to fill it back up, you need to basically take the whole machine apart, and it drips all over the place. Also, the filters get dirty really fast, in a day or two, so you have to take the machine apart to clean that as well.

This is just one cat fountain and I am sure there are other good ones out there. I just recommend not buying this one. Hope this was helpful. Thanks!!


Love Me, I'm The- Babba Dot.
Purred: Mon Mar 26, '07 11:22pm PST 
There are passive water fountains that work by releasing water when the water level in the bowl gets low. The water can get dirty in the bowl but the water that comes from the bottle on top is always clean. These passive water fountains are cheaper too. We always use ours when we go on vacation.

There really is no greater joy though than watching your cat drinking from the tap. laugh out loud I have one cat who follows me to the bathroom just so I'll turn on the tap for him. He's adorable that way.

A funny story, we bought a table top water fountain with soothing sounds, something I had always wanted. Little did I know at the time, but my wonderful fountain would become my kitties favorite watering hole. Like you, it became so labor intensive to keep water in the fountain that we had to constantly refill it. Because of that, my fountain is now back in its box until we can find a way to put it back up AND keep it safe.

Thanks for your review. We often wonder how well these new products work in real life.


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Tue Mar 27, '07 2:06pm PST 
I have the Catit fountain and love it. Maybe you got a bad one.

FOr us it works great. I agree the filters don't last the stated 4 weeks but I can get 3 out of them. Mom takes apart the fountain and gives it a cleaning once a week. It takes about 20 min. from start to finish. We only have to refill it once or twice a week depending on the weather.

Not all products are suited for everyone. But I wanted to share on the other side. We have had our fountain for almost 1 year now.


I like kisses!
Purred: Tue Mar 27, '07 9:42pm PST 
We love our Catit fountain too. Mom has the cleaning process down to a science now and it doesn't take too long.
I hope you find a fountain you like. There are several on the market. Good luck!


Danny Boy
Purred: Wed Mar 28, '07 7:35am PST 
We love our Catit, too. Mom likes that it comes apart so she can wash every bit of it. It's very easy to put together, too.

We keep ours up on a dry sink in the kitchen. This helps keep dust, dirt and food out of it.


Mr. Whiskers,- you're in- charge!
Purred: Wed Mar 28, '07 10:50am PST 
I don't know, maybe I did get a bad one. Because there is no way that mine works as well as the ones you guys are talking about. Well, there was about 60 dollars down the drain. I bought the machine and every little feature it came with. I am definitely going to buy a different one this next time though. I think the CatIt was actually dirtier than just leaving out a bowl of water frown Well, thanks for all your responses. I am glad to see that it does work well for some people!


I'm bringing- sexy back
Purred: Wed Mar 28, '07 11:02am PST 
Nappy, if you are not satisfied with the Catit then try to get your money back. See if the store you bought it from will help and if not, go directly to the maker:

Above is the website for Hagen, the maker. There is no reason why you should be out $60 if you are dissatisfied.

I hope you find one you like. Purrrrrrs

Little Red- (Angel- 6/11/12)

Red-Headed- Stepchild
Purred: Wed Mar 28, '07 2:24pm PST 
We use plain ol Fresh Flow and we're happy with them.
We were thinking of trying a catit just because we are spoilt and have to try new things...and we love to lick the sides of soda/water bottles when they sweat, so it sounded fun to get a licky fountain.

Maybe we'll have mommy talk to the area rep for pet supplies distrubution. He's really honest and has both recommended and warned us away from products based on feedback from the retail shops/customers. He also tells us when/if the companies are planning to redesign/improve things.

Little Red


A model in a- Cats body
Purred: Wed Mar 28, '07 3:40pm PST 
i have a mini cat water tank and the water is always changing and evaporating so its always fresh =P and if theres dirt or food i just epty the water out and wash it and it fills up automatically! its pretty good and only cost about 15 bucks and its really easy to fill and clean


Where's the- 'nip?
Purred: Thu Mar 29, '07 1:09pm PST 
I like the drinkwell MUCH better (the only problem I have with the drinkwell is that Griffin knocks the reservoir over when he is unsatisfied with the flow or water temperature) but I also have a catit. After a while it DOES get dirty unless you use filtered water to begin with. Cleaning and filling don't take too long though and I admit to just adding water to the bowl every once in a while when I am feeling lazy. One thing I would caution you is to check the motor and make sure it isn't clogged. The catit was not working to the satisfaction of Griffin (who would cry, paw at it and generally knock it across the floor). I got tired of being fussed at every time I went into the bathroom so I got returned it for a new one. The new motor was amazing. The other catit's motor NEVER worked as well. This one shoots water up about 6 inches! Make sure your motor is good.

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