Want a TALL scratcher!!

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♫Lucy&- #9835;- 1998-2012

Don't bother- me, I'm- sleeping
Purred: Sun Jun 25, '06 7:40pm PST 
Where do you live?
*sob* Mom is getting rid of my 6' condo because we're moving soon. *sob*


This is MY house- and MY house- ONLY!
Purred: Sun Jun 25, '06 8:00pm PST 
Hey guys, thanks!

Lucy, we live in an apt, but it should fit! The celings are like 8 ft here. I'm SO sorry you have to get rid of yours!!! I'm sure you will be able to entertain yourself in your new home though! It's always fun exploring a new house for hiding places and perches where you can drop on your unexpecting humans!! Bwahaha!! *wink*

Thanks for the Rosette!!!! Your such a sweetie!


Drama Princess
Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 2:38pm PST 
My mom likes to shop at Cat Shows (if you have any in your area) for my posts/stratchers. I got a 6' tall one that looks like a tree with lots of branches and an extra wide top just for kitties with a little extra to love at the last show my mom went to- they usually have good deals and sometimes you can haggle a bit with the sellers.


♥ Simbas Lucky- Wife! ♥
Purred: Fri Jun 30, '06 5:26pm PST 
I got a 70" one on EBay for $11.00 without shipping!

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